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Former Denver Broncos Quarterback Jake Plummer Addresses "Billionaire A--hole" Comment about Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones

Former Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer regrets the explicit language he used to describe Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, but does his overall message still ring true?

Former Denver Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer has cooled off after using some choice words to describe Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, when discussing the long term effects of a career in the NFL.  

Plummer was being interviewed for BSN Denver when he referenced Jones' skepticism of a link between football, CTE and brain trauma.

"Shame on him for saying that, that billionaire a--hole."

After some time to reflect on his comments about one of the most powerful men in American sports, Plummer admitted his use of brash language may have been unnecessary during an interview with FOX Sports 910 in Phoenix. 

"It came out, I said it, I'll own it, I'll stand by it," Plummer said. "I don’t know Jerry Jones personally enough to call him that, which is probably why I shouldn't have used that word." important distinction to make here is that Plummer was revising his vocabulary, not his overall message.  His attitude towards Jones and his armchair neurology remains the same, but he acknowledged that dubbing him a "billionaire a--hole" may have been uncalled for, considering his lack of personal experience with the owner.

In the years since his sudden retirement in 2007, Plummer has channeled the same passion and fire that endeared him to Broncos fans into his advocacy of using cannabis as an alternative pain reliever.  

Plummer uses a compound found in cannabis called cannabidiol (CBD) to manage the long-term injuries sustained during his 10 years in the NFL.  CBD, however, is not an option for active NFL players, as its trace levels of marijuana will trigger a positive marijuana test.  

The overall legacy of Plummer's expletive is that it will draw more attention to him, and ultimately, his cause.  Eventually, the NFL will have to come to terms with the fact that their ban on cannabis makes heavily-addictive painkillers one of the only viable alternatives to pain management.  

Until then, Plummer will have to continue to petition the NFL one billionaire at a time.  

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