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How You Can Help Support Mile High Huddle & Save Money As A Broncos Fan

With training camp around the corner, Mile High Huddle is gearing up to bring you the best Broncos content on the web. If you like what you read, here are ways you can support our site. And we return the favor.

Five bucks a month. That's the cost of a Mile High Huddle premium membership. 

It's the surest way you can show your support for what we do at MHH. But it's through our premium memberships that we show our appreciation to you

We're not just talking about providing the latest Denver Broncos news and analysis. 

We endeavor to repay your support by consistently bringing you high-quality Broncos content. But there's more to it than that. 

You see, through our premium membership offering, we're able to provide you, our readers and members, with benefits that effect your bottom line—your wallet. 

Every Broncos fan flies their team colors, whether it's through a player jersey, a T-shirt, hat, bumper stick, poster, or a hoodie. That's money that every fan is spending—no matter what. 

So why not save money while you're at it?  

We're talking about Fanatics—the very same outlet used by the Denver Broncos team store. 

Our premium members receive a 10 percent discount on all Broncos merchandise through Fanatics. For example, a Von Miller jersey would run you about $104.98, including shipping, out the door at most official team merchandising outlets online.

Premium members get that exact same jersey for $94.98 out the door, including shipping, via Fanatics. That's ten bucks. And it adds up. 

When you compare that to the cost of a monthly MHH subscription and project how much money one can save with Christmas coming, or loved ones' birthdays, the savings can be significant. 

Take a minute and go to the Broncos store at Fanatics and take a look at the variety of their offering. You'll find it's the exact same as the team store.  

We don't stop there, though. Not every Broncos fan is fortunate enough to have access to season tickets. The Broncos have been selling out the stadium for decades. 

It's not always financially feasible to buy Broncos tickets, when single-game tickets go on sale. So, many fans, both local and from out of state, have to resort to the secondary ticket market, where prices can get exorbitant.

We recognize the need our readers and members have, which is why we went to TicketMonster and negotiated a deal that gives our readers 10 percent off on Broncos tickets. 

The same discount can be applied to any NFL, NCAA, NBA, NHL or even concert events through TicketMonster. The money a fan can save through one ticket alone can pay for an annual premium membership!

Yes, we want your support. The best way to show it is by signing up for a MHH premium membership. But, we return that love in a variety of ways. 

You can sign up for a month-to-month premium membership at a $5 monthly cost. Or, you save $11 dollars by choosing an annual membership, which costs $49. 

Remember, as a premium member, you get access to all of our content here at Mile High Huddle. Player features, videos, podcasts, film reviews, in-depth analysis. We reserve our most in-depth stories for our premium members. 

So, with training camp soon upon us, take a minute and weigh the benefits—the pros and cons—of going premium. And just know, no matter what, we appreciate you and will continue to strive to not only bring you the most cutting-edge Broncos converage on the web, but find ways to give back in a way that impacts your bottom line as a fan!


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