Message from the Publisher

Our prayers and sympathy go out to all those affected by Tuesday's tragedy

The staff of Broncos Update would like to express its sorrow and condolences to the families and victims of Tuesday's tragedy.

We extend our prayers and best wishes to all of those who helped in the relief efforts, from the police and firefighters to the hundreds of thousands of Americans who donated blood, money and time.

During times of crisis, we hold pride in our nation and its people. The bonding of people from all walks of life was truly a joy to witness, as was the outpouring of emotion during Fridays National Day of Mourning.

We would also like to commend those Coloradans who, on a local level, worked tirelessly to aid those in relief efforts.

As we strive to return to a sense of normalcy, let us not forget those who were so deeply touched, and those who so deeply touched us. Our continued prayers are with you.

The Broncos Update

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