Adam Schefter: Expect A Hefty Suspension For Broncos Cornerback Aqib Talib

One of the league's premier insiders doesn't see good things on the horizon for Denver's Pro Bowl cornerback Aqib Talib.

Pro Bowl cornerback Aqib Talib returned to the practice field Monday—day 12 of Denver Broncos training camp. It was the first day the media had access to Talib, since he suffered a gunshot wound to his right leg in June. Following practice, reporters were champing at the bit to pose questions to Talib. Considering that legally the gunshot incident is still under investigation by the Dallas PD, and the NFL front office, it should come as no surprise that Talib plead the fifth. 

“The situation is still under review and we have to respect that process," Talib said. "I’m not going to talk about that right now, but I feel great. I did some one-on-ones today. I felt pretty good on the field.”

In the days immediately following the news of Talib's gunshot wound, different stories emerged regarding the exact circumstances of the incident. First, it was reported that Talib was one of three gunshot wound victims. Then, "sources" close to the situation claim that Talib admitted that he accidentally shot himself. 

Aside from the fact that he did suffer a gunshot wound, one thing was certain. Aqib Talib was intoxicated when the events transpired—so inebriated that he couldn't "remember" exactly what happened. 

The Dallas PD is reportedly still investigating it as an aggravated assault. Whatever happened that night, guns and alcohol were involved. And as we know, Commissioner Roger Goodell does not take kindly to such combinations.

Considering Talib's past run-ins with the law and league discipline, we've had a feeling since the incident was first reported that eventually, the NFL was going to mete out some form of discipline. And according to ESPN's Adam Schefter—who appeared Monday on 104.3 the FAN's "The Drive"—we can expect a strong disciplinary response from Goodell and company.  

"I remember initially speaking to somebody, and we were discussing the situation. We were discussing it in a hypothetical way because we do not know the exact facts of the situation, right? Like, it's a mystery. But, the person I was talking to said 'I don't see how this is less than eight games'. Now, I don't know what it's going to be. I'm just telling you what one knowledgeable person told me.....I will be surprised if he's not discipline in some form or another." 

Eight games. 

Half a season. 

Schefter is a veritable league insider. He rubs shoulders with the men at the highest level of the NFL's corridors of power. He's hearing eight games. Even if Talib gets suspended for half of that, it could greatly impact the Broncos 2016 fortunes. 

The good news is that the next men up—Bradley Roby and Kayvon Webster—have been showing out at Broncos camp. If Talib gets suspended, I'm confident the vaunted Broncos defense will be able to weather the storm, just like they did last year when DE Derek Wolfe was suspended for the first four games of the year. 

But you'd better start preparing yourselves. Aqib Talib is very likely going to be suspended for his part in the Dallas incident that resulted in a gunshot wound in his right leg. 

*Listen to the FAN's full interview with Adam Schefter in the podcast embedded below. 

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