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Demaryius Thomas 1, Josh Norman 0: A Lesson in Trash-Talking

Josh Norman was tutored in the finer points of trash-talking by a Super Bowl champ.

A picture's worth a thousand words.


You might be wondering just what could provoke the great Demaryius Thomas, whose anonymity and quiet nature rivals that of Rod Smith and Marvin Harrison, to craft this game-ending, mic-dropping, flame-throwing earthquake of a tweet?

Allow me to direct you to one Josh Norman, the Panther-turned-Redskin cornerback who was featured in the newest edition of ESPN the Magazine.

"I don't know what [Thomas] was out there for," Norman said. "He was supposed to be an all-world guy, and I shut him down."

It's starting to make sense why a competitive and shrewd organization like the Carolina Panthers would opt to rescind the franchise tag they had placed on Norman and let him walk in free agency, ultimately to sign with a franchise whose free agency history has been about as successful as an Albert Haynesworth conditioning test.

Was Norman able to separate his individual performance in Super Bowl 50 from his team's overall incompetence long enough to glance up at the scoreboard? I know he was, or else this wouldn't exist:

It's probably a good rule of thumb not to brag about something that left you crying on a bench by yourself (applies to most middle school dances as well). 

There's a reason DT doesn't mention the fact that he owns the record for most receptions in a Super Bowl. It's because he lost, and he understands that statistics mean nothing if at the end of the game you're avoiding the falling confetti like it's acid rain. Just get on to the next season.

The good news for Norman is that he has the ability to back up all this talk. Sure, no one knew his name before last season, but he really did a number on Blake Bortles and Luke McCown last year. Wait, what's this? We're getting a live report from Redskins camp:


Sorry, where was I?

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