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Trade For QB Sam Bradford Slams Door On Mark Sanchez To Minnesota Vikings

Don't expect the Broncos to trade Mark Sanchez to the Vikings.

In a head-scratching move, the Minnesota Vikings have acquired via trade quarterback Sam Bradford from the Philadelphia Eagles. The compensation? A 2017 first round pick and a 2018 conditional fourth rounder

The Vikings must have some serious doubts that Teddy Bridgewater will return to form next season. They've bought the farm, in more ways than one. 

But, the trade impacts the Denver Broncos, in that GM John Elway had targeted Minnesota as a possible trade partner for Mark Sanchez. With everything Minnesota gave up, that possibility is now null and void. The Broncos still have a shot with the Dallas Cowboys. But time is running out. 

All signs point to the Broncos releasing Sanchez, if they're unable to find a trade partner. And that's why they're having a hard time unloading him. Why give up trade capital when you could likely negotiate freely with the player and set your own price? 

Gary Kubiak put his chips on Trevor Siemian, with the future starter Paxton Lynch on the bench as the backup. To me, it makes sense for the Broncos to keep Sanchez. 

But it would cost them another $3.5 million to do so. Elway is not in the habit of putting the highest-paid player at a position on the bench. 

For now, Sanchez remains in limbo. The wire will be hot over the next few hours. Stay tuned. 


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