Two Denver Broncos Defenders Fined For Hits On Cam Newton

The NFL has meted out discipline to two Denver defenders for shots to the head of Cam Newton in Week 1.

If you ask the Denver Broncos defenders, they'll tell you they're not dirty—they're physical. I happen to agree with them. 

Yes, the officials last Thursday night missed several hits to Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton's head. And now the league front office is making up for the lapse. 

Both linebacker Brandon Marshall and safety Darian Stewart have been fined for their hits to Newton's head.

When you hit the reigning league MVP in the head several times in one game, and only one flag gets thrown, which was offset by another penalty, you're going to get media and fans calling you dirty. However, on opening night, that's simply the way the cards fell. 

Cam Newton challenges opposing defenses with his downfield running and invites contact. In so doing, defenders must act accordingly. Newton is a 6-foot-6, 245-pound behemoth at quarterback. The Broncos did what they had to do to win. They weren't targeting Newton or his head.

But, no matter which quarterback you face, if you contact the head multiple times, more often than not you'll get flagged on the field, and fined by the NFL. Gary Kubiak knows his team needs to be aware of head shots moving forward. 

“I’ll just say this, we play hard and we’re going to continue to play hard," Kubiak said Wednesday. "It’s really difficult defensively when you have a quarterback who goes from a passer to a runner and you’re committed and you’re committed as a football player and that’s what both of these guys were. We understand that you have to stay away from the head, we understand those types of things, but we’re going to continue to play hard, that one’s in the past, we’re moving on.”

The Broncos are on to Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts. According to linebacker Shane Ray, the team's focus has shifted to their next test.

“This is football," Ray said. "Things like that are going to happen. You have to deal with it, whichever way you have to deal with it. We’re not even worried about that anymore. We’ve moved on. Rather than talking about Cam, we’re talking about Andrew Luck this week."

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