Denver Broncos Linebacker Brandon Marshall Articulates A Plan To 'Tackle Change'

After choosing to kneel down during the National Anthem in Week 1, Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall has articulated a plan to make a positive impact socially.

Brandon Marshall really is trying to make an impact. His controversial decision to join the "kneel-down" movement during the National Anthem last week was done as a means in which to protest social injustice across the country. However, Marshall's message fell on deaf ears, by and large, because what most fans perceived was an individual showing disrespect for his country, it's flag and it's military. 

It's been one of my concerns about the whole "kneel-down" movement from the get-go. Well-intended, but not well-articulated. 

Instead of calling attention to the very issue Marshall and his peers are protesting, they're drawing attention to themselves. It seems that Marshall understands that and is rethinking his message and how to go about truly making an impact. 

In a lengthy Instagram post, Marshall not only shared his thoughts on why he's chosen to be a part of the "kneel-down" movement, but also what he's learned since last Thursday night, and what he's decided to do to influence change in his own community.

"On Thursday, Sept. 8, I took a knee for the National Anthem to take a stand against social injustice. My intent was not to offend anyone but rather to simply raise awareness and create some dialogue toward affecting positive change in our communities.

In the last week, I’ve had a lot of productive conversations with people I respect, including Chief White of the Denver Police Department. I really appreciate all of them taking the time to listen to me and offer some insight and feedback on ways we can all make a difference.

I’ve also had a lot of time to personally reflect on important issues such as race and gender equality, the treatment of our military veterans, our relationship with law enforcement, educational opportunities for our youth, and many more. I recognize and applaud the significant progress that has been made in these areas made possible only through the hard work of so many dedicated leaders.

But, it’s clear there is so much more work to be done by all of us. Together, we all need to Stand Up for change.

This starts with me.

My work with the Rose Andom Center to stop domestic violence is fulfilling and close to my heart. But I need to do more.

I plan to be involved with several other organizations that benefit the Denver community and others through the services, awareness and funds they provide for these critical social issues. And I will donate 300 dollars for every tackle I make this season to those programs.

You can track these contributions on social media through #TackleChange.

I’m truly grateful for the support I’ve received from so many people, especially my teammates. I look forward to preparing with them and focusing on an important game Sunday against the Colts."

Marshall will donate $300 for every tackle he makes this season, the proceeds of which will go to help raise awareness for domestic abuse and "critical social issues". It's refreshing to see an athlete put his money where his mouth is. Respect. 

I'm glad Marshall has chosen to articulate the issues he's trying to create better awareness of, and instead of just talking about them, he's taking action. This is a great step in the right direction. I hope the rest of his peers in the "kneel-down" movement follow Marshall's lead. 

With a plan of action like Marshall's, NFL athletes across the league can make a much larger impact—not only in their respective communities—but on the larger scope of the social issues that are dear to them. 

Watch Marshall sit down with Altitude Sports' Vic Lombardi to discuss the issue in depth. 

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