Preseason length debated

Are four preseason games too many? That was a hot topic among the Broncos on Thursday. Also - Daryl Gardener hits the field and Lional Dalton's trade is still stalled.

Elam's efforts on mark - Denver Post - Adam Schefter
Friday, August 22, 2003 - Kicks have flown off his foot this summer as if they were coming off an assembly line. Good, good, good. Again and again. During live practice drills throughout the nearly month-long training camp, Broncos kicker Jason Elam has connected on 62-of-65 field goals - 95.38 percent.

Burns making switch to stick with team - Denver Post - Patrick Saunders
Friday, August 22, 2003 - The theory goes like this: The Broncos want to find a way to keep veteran linebacker, special-teams captain and locker-room stand-up comedian Keith Burns on the roster. But with rookie Terry Pierce proving he's a worthy second-round pick, there's no longer room for Burns at middle linebacker. So the Broncos have switched Burns to strongside linebacker behind starter John Mobley, hoping Burns can make the adjustment, provide depth and stick around for his 10th NFL season.

Dalton's contract stalls deal - Denver Post - Adam Schefter
Thursday, August 21, 2003 - The Broncos are willing to make a deal. The hang-up with any potential trade is that defensive tackle Lional Dalton has had trouble striking a deal of his own.

Knorr starts to dial in - Rocky Mountain News - Lee Rasizer
Micah Knorr finally has gotten with the program, he's reaching greater heights. The Denver Broncos punter has gained two- to three-tenths of a second of hang time on his punts when compared with last year. That's considered an eternity in his profession.

Gardener targets season opener - Rocky Mountain News - Lynn DeBruin
August 22, 2003 - He has three ghastly pins still sticking out of his right wrist and a giant cast running from his fingers to his biceps. Yet as planned, prized defensive tackle Daryl Gardener hit the field Thursday. Dalton eager to leave and find a new teamRocky Mountain News - Lynn DeBruin
August 22, 2003 - Lional Dalton insists he's willing to take a pay cut this year, and hopes Denver Broncos coach Mike Shanahan simply will release him if he can't finalize a trade soon. "I understand he might lose a draft pick, but my life is at stake here. It's like playing a poker game with my life, and I'm the little pawn," Dalton said Thursday night.

Are four preseason games too many? - Daily Camera - Ryan Thorburn
August 22, 2003 - Everyone in the NFL remembers where they were when they heard Michael Vick's leg felt like it had been shot. Jeb Putzier was in the training room at Memorial Stadium in Champaign, Ill., getting treatment for a dislocated shoulder sustained during Denver's victory over Chicago.

Broncos' next round of cuts taking shape - Daily Camera - Ryan Thorburn
August 22, 2003 - The last lunch. The Denver Broncos were kind enough to let Freddie Moore enjoy his before waiving the offensive tackle. Trohn Carswell, another OT, and cornerback Corey Chamblin were also let go before Thursday's practice.

Preseason Length Spurs Locker-Room Debate - - Andrew Mason
Aug. 21, 2003 - Anytime one of the NFL's superstars falls victim to a preseason injury, as the Atlanta Falcons' Michael Vick did against the Baltimore Ravens on Aug. 16, the inevitable hand-wringing begins -- as does the debate in NFL locker rooms from Seattle to Miami. Some maintain that the preseason is far too long, that it should be truncated in half. Others believe it is just fine as is, that any changes to it would be unnecessary, and that the four-game schedule allows enough time to work through mistakes and make adjustments to prepare for the regular season.

Indianapolis returns 378 tickets -
Aug. 21, 2003 - The Denver Broncos Thursday announced the Indianapolis Colts have returned 378 tickets for Monday night's game. Kickoff at INVESCO Field at Mile High is scheduled for 6 p.m. (MDT).

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