Denver Broncos GM John Elway Weighs in on Brock Osweiler's Rough Night

John Elway had some thoughts after Brock Osweiler's was shut out on national television.

The Houston Texans' $18 million investment this year in quarterback Brock Osweiler netted them a goose egg when they played the 3-0 New England Patriots in Foxborough this past Thursday, leading to plenty of second-guessing as to their aggressive offseason courting of the six-foot-eight passer.

Among those naysayers was Denver Broncos GM John Elway, who reportedly offered Osweiler a $16 million per year deal before he jumped ship for Houston. He added his thoughts after an abysmal offensive performance from the Texans,

“A lot of times those deals you don’t make are the best ones,” Elway told Dave Logan and Susie Wargin on KOA 850 yesterday. “Obviously it was a tough night for Houston last night and — but things move on.” 

There's a lot to unpack when examining the Elway-Osweiler pseudo-feud that has made waives since the quarterback's departure. There's two narratives that get thrown around; either Elway saw through Osweiler's inadequacies as an NFL quarterback and let Houston err in signing him, or Osweiler spurned a desperate Elway as revenge for being benched in the last game of the regular season.

As is usually the case, the truth (in all likelihood) lies somewhere in between. It appears that Elway had a cap on the amount he was willing to pay Osweiler, who had started just seven games at the time, and when Osweiler's asking price was too high, he stuck to his principles and allowed him to walk. It sounds like Elway was prepared to make a deal, as long as it was the deal he wanted. That wasn't an option, and now the rest is history; Osweiler is a Texan and the Broncos are paying their starter, Trevor Siemian, relatively nothing for a decent level of performance and a 2-0 start to the season.

In the end, Osweiler gets the keys to his own franchise (for better or worse) and Elway gets to construct his own roster that isn't handicapped by a huge price tag at quarterback.

But there's also one more thing to keep in mind; it's still September. One bad game does not a bad quarterback make, and it's also worth noting that national games cause people to jump to conclusions very quickly. We won't know with any certainty who will be on the right side of NFL history for quite some time.

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