Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders Demanded the Ball and Got It

Put up or shut up. The Broncos wide receivers preferred the first option.

There's a lesson to be learned from the Denver Broncos 29-17 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals today; if you want something, ask for it.

And then take it over and over again. That's what Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders did against the Bengals secondary, combining for 15 receptions, 217 yards, and three touchdowns. Pretty good day at the jungle.

The whole week leading up to the game, reports were surfacing left and right about the two star wide receivers being "frustrated" with the offense after two quiet games on the outside.

Talking the talk is always the easy part. Actually going out and making good on the promise that was set forth by the demands is the difficult part.

For Sanders, it was never an issue during the game. Most of his production came in the first half, repeatedly torching the artist formerly known as Pacman Jones for two touchdowns, including a 41-yarder to set the tone of the game.

Thomas' path to the end zone was a little rockier. He was hardly targeted until the second half, and even fumbled in the third quarter. Still, Trevor Siemian maintained confidence in the big guy and gave him a chance on a deep ball late in the fourth. Thomas made good, battling tight coverage and reeling in the rainbow pass before pulling away and completing the 55-yard touchdown to ice the game.

And since both of them delivered, you better believe they were ready for the podium, which they shared with one another.

"We’re the best that does it with the one-two punch," Sanders said.  "You can go one-two punch either way. We’re the best in the game that does it, and it showed today.”

Thomas, standing just to the right of Sanders, was a little more deferential when speaking about the duo's big game.

"The coaches did a great job of putting me and Emmanuel in position to make plays, and that’s what we did today,” Thomas said. He's right. The coaches didn't just tell them to go deep; they crafted quick screens, slants, and comebacks designed to put the ball in the hands of the team's biggest playmakers.

The head man, Gary Kubiak, spoke about the decision to keep going their way.

“We want to get them the ball every week," Kubiak said. "The Bengals are a tough team to throw the ball against, but they really took away the run. We needed to throw the ball to get some points, and those two kids played really well. I’m proud of those two. They work hard. We played well as a team today.”

The most important point Kubiak makes is that the Broncos offense really was nothing if not for those two receivers. The Bengals front seven made sure it would be tough sledding on the ground, and no other receiver had more than two catches or eclipsed 30 yards.

Essentially, it was those guys or bust.

It's fortunate that, after a week of making their intentions known to everyone, Sanders and Thomas both struck gold in the win.

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