Trevor Siemian Will Start Against Atlanta If Healthy

If all goes according to plan, Trevor Siemian will be under center on Sunday.

Denver Broncos quarterback Trevor Siemian was through most of the second quarter of another solid start when he was knocked out of yesterday's game in Tampa Bay with a shoulder injury. He spent the rest of the game on the sideline, watching Paxton Lynch take his first NFL snaps and keep the offense spinning.

According to Head Coach Gary Kubiak, however, there's no quarterback controversy in Denver. If Siemian can play on Sunday, he will.

“Trevor is our starting quarterback and hopefully he is going to be OK," Kubiak said. "I’m really proud of Paxton and how he came in and played yesterday. We felt fortunate with Trevor and like I said, hopefully we’ll be day-to-day here and get him to next week."

As for the starting quarterback, it's a stroke of luck that he didn't hurt his collarbone, but the actual injury to his shoulder is certainly nothing to scoff at.

“He has a sprained shoulder," Kubiak added. "They’re actually still evaluating. I let the guys come in a little later today. He’s got a sprained should and Greek told me we were day-to-day, so we’ll see how he feels. Obviously it’s his non-throwing shoulder, so it’s about getting him to where he feels like he can go through the motion again.”

Had Siemian landed on his right side rather than his left on the play in question, there would likely be no chance of him seeing the field on this upcoming Sunday. Instead, it looks as though he caught a break and should be able to go, if Kubiak's comments are any indication. However, the segment of the fan base that is now pining for Lynch to start are starting to make their voice heard. After the rookie posted 170 yards, one touchdown pass, and no turnovers in just over a half, there are more than a few who believe the Broncos should hand the ball to their first-round pick and never look back.

As Dana Carvey would often say when impersonating George H.W. Bush on Saturday Night Live, "not gonna do it."

Siemian owns an undefeated record through his first four starts in the NFL and has shown improvement with each passing week. In his last six quarters of play, he's completed 28-of-42 attempts for 380 yards and five touchdowns without a turnover.

Paxton Lynch is clearly the future of the quarterback position in Denver and has a higher physical ceiling than that of Siemian, but benching a young quarterback who has yet to lose a game in the NFL would be a divisive move that could spark a fallout that the Broncos just don't need.

As has been made obvious by soundbites and various tweets, the veterans on this team are behind Siemian all the way, citing his poise and cool demeanor at every opportunity.

And yes, it's inevitable that Lynch will start. Let's just wait for Siemian to lose a game first.

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