What's Behind The Denver Broncos Slow Starts?

All season long, the Broncos have struggled out of the gates. The problems have persisted over their last two losses. Adam Uribes examines the situation in hopes of finding an answer as to why.

Blue-collar workers have all had those days when you wake up behind the proverbial eight ball and something happens that doesn’t start the day off right, whether the alarm doesn’t go off, or the car breaks down, keeping you from getting in your morning routine.

http://www.scout.com/nfl/broncos/story/1717437-takeaways-from-the-film-b... The rest of the day passes with the need to “catch up”, frantically moving faster than how you would like in order to get your tasks done for the day.

To say that the Denver Broncos have looked like sleepwalkers through the first half of the past two losses to Atlanta and San Diego would be putting it kindly. In the slow starts, the normally dominant Denver defense has allowed methodical opening drives to both Matt Ryan and Philip Rivers, resulting in touchdowns and putting pressure on an offense that isn’t clicking.

After the loss on Thursday, interim head coach Joe DeCamillis touched on the sluggish opening to the game and lamented his own preparation.

“Yeah, it’s something we have to address for sure," DeCamillis said. "It’s been pretty consistent and I think whatever we can do to try to get that corrected will help us down the road. Obviously, when Kube [Gary Kubiak] comes back I’m sure he’s going to have a plan for that and we’ve got to follow suit with that plan. It’s not just a player issue as far as getting the slow starts because obviously coaching for one we’re not getting them going fast enough. I wish I got them going faster tonight.”

Quarterback Trevor Siemian returned to the starting lineup in San Diego and would speak on the matter as well. While he was concerned with getting off the starting blocks poorly, he doesn't believe it's due to a lack of urgency. 

“I think it’s something that we have to address," Siemian said. "When you look, it’s just one thing here, one thing there. It’s really close. Again, I thought we showed a lot of resilience but it was too little too late, too much to overcome.”

Although he would admit that it was troubling, Siemian didn’t have much of an answer on how to fix the problem. Instead, he pointed to a couple of plays that sporadically came up during the game as being bigger factors in the opening stanza.

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“I can’t tell you. It didn’t feel like that," Siemian said. "Off the top of my head there are a handful of plays that if you make, you don’t know how it turns out so I’d like to go back and watch it. Give a lot of credit to San Diego.” 

Rookie safety Will Parks, who played 19 defensive snaps on Thursday night, chipped in with his assessment on the situation, concluding that the poor starts from both the offense and defense are fixable. He's confident the Broncos will correct the issues, whatever they may be. 

“It’s football. You never know what you are going to get," Parks said. "I can tell you this though, we’re going to go back to the drawing board and we’re going work hard. It’s over with now and there’s nothing we can do about it but we’re going to go back and fix all the mistakes, all the penalties and go back to do what we do best and that’s stopping the ball.”

Pro Bowl cornerback Chris Harris, Jr. was equally as flummoxed on the poor execution to open games but pointed to the idea that it’s something the entire team will be looking to remedy.

“I’m not sure. It’s just something that we’ve got to fix," Harris said. "I don’t know what it is, if we’ve got to practice coming out earlier or just make sure at the beginning of practice we start faster. I guess that’s something that we can work on.”

When us normal, everyday, working people have our bad days, it’s easy to just turn the page and expect everything will get better tomorrow. For the Broncos, it should be a huge concern that no one, from the coaches to the players, seem to able to put their finger on the malaise that is currently hanging over the team.

Everyone is in agreement that it’s needs to be fixed but its troubling that no one has offered up many concrete solutions and how the process of improvement will work. 

Coach DeCamillis would end his time with the media with optimism, saying that despite the struggles, the team is still showing heart and fight in trying to win games late.

“I think we’ve got to obviously do a better job at getting started, and then the positive I thought, was I thought they fought their tails off to be honest with you," DeCamillis said. "When you look at the end of the game, having a chance to win that game [is] incredible really, because you’ve got basically two onside kicks on it. I thought our guys just stayed in it, hung in there, and we’ve got a lot of grit and determination in that room and I think that they are going to bounce back.”

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