Colts over Broncos 28-23

The Monday night game against the Colts was "sloppy" according to all those involved. Read what they're saying about the game in today's story links.

Little good among bad, ugly - Denver Post - Adam Schefter
Tuesday, August 26, 2003 - Ready or not - sometimes the Broncos looked like they were, and more times they looked like they weren't - the regular season beckons. One week from Sunday, after a Friday night preseason finale in Denver almost strictly for backups, the Broncos open their season at Cincinnati.

Lelie clearly the future with McCaffrey fading - Denver Post - Mark Kiszla
Tuesday, August 26, 2003 - Baby boomers stretch relaxed-fit jeans, standing to cheer as Broncos receiver Ed McCaffrey takes a pounding on the football field, for the same reason these same middle-aged fans get up and dance as Don Henley bangs the drums at an Eagles concert. We all like to see the old guys party on. It makes us all feel younger.

Plummer: Ready for start of season - Denver Post - Patrick Saunders
Tuesday, August 26, 2003 - For Jake Plummer, the curtain goes up for real on Sept. 7 in Cincinnati. No more playbook cramming, no more second chances, no more do-overs for Denver's $40 million franchise quarterback. And no more dress rehearsals.

Kansas City interested in Dalton deal - Denver Post - Adam Schefter
Tuesday, August 26, 2003 - When defensive tackle Lional Dalton was a free agent, the NFL teams that courted him most actively were the Broncos and the Kansas City Chiefs. Now that Denver is done with Dalton, Kansas City appears to be the most interested.

Victory helps bolster image - Denver Post - Adrian Dater
Tuesday, August 26, 2003 - The most recent time the Indianapolis Colts were on national television, they made a statement to the nation, which was: We stink.

Jake's debut shaky - Rocky Mountain News - Lynn DeBruin
August 26, 2003 - Fans who chanted "We Want Jake" at the end of last season weren't quite sure what to yell Monday night. Jake Plummer's home debut with the Denver Broncos at Invesco Field at Mile High was about as mixed as his team's overall performance.

Broncos must clean up their 'sloppy' act - Rocky Mountain News - Lee Rasizer
August 26, 2003 - The schedule shows Houston, Chicago and Indianapolis as Denver Broncos foes this preseason. It would be more accurate to say that this month the Broncos have been their own worst enemy. Denver again was awash in mistakes Monday night in a 28-23 loss against the Indianapolis Colts at Invesco Field at Mile High, one week after a messy performance against the Chicago Bears.

Dalton trade talks on again - Rocky Mountain News - Lynn DeBruin and Lee Rasizer
Washington Redskins. Dalton said the Kansas City Chiefs also were interested, though he wasn't sure that would be a good fit for him because the Chiefs recently drafted a top pick at his position.

Krieger: These Broncos seem familiar - Rocky Mountain News - Dave Krieger
August 26, 2003 - So, um, what happened during the off-season again? Some sort of dramatic improvement, if I'm reading my preseason hype correctly, but I'm having a little trouble figuring out what it was. Preseason game No. 3, the important one, if there is such a thing, revealed the Broncos to be . . . well . . . a lot like the Broncos you know and feel ambivalent about.

Colts kick Broncos again at Invesco - Daily Camera - Ryan Thorburn
August 26, 2003 - Jake Plummer was bad and booed. The quarterback fumbled two snaps, threw what should have been an interception into Colt linebacker Gary Brackett's brick hands, overthrew a wide-open Ed McCaffrey in the end zone and later on a pass that was picked off by third-string Indianapolis free safety Anthony Floyd. Jake Plummer was amazing and adored. He rolled to his right, planted his feet and sent a home run pass into Ashley Lelie's soft hands to complete a jaw-dropping 1-play, 10-second, 55-yard scoring drive.

Hutchinson: Lenny Walls must learn in a hurry - Daily Camera - Barney Hutchinson
August 26, 2003 - Lenny Walls went into the Monday Night Football spotlight as a marked man. The Denver Broncos' left cornerback, who won the position one week into training camp, faced his most severe test of the preseason. In one corner was Walls, the rangy 6-foot-4 undrafted free agent from Boston College who has never started an NFL game.

Holland, Sapp help their cause - Daily Camera - Ryan Thorburn
August 26, 2003 - Colorado and Colorado State alumni were both winners at Invesco Field on Monday night. During Indianapolis' 28-23 victory, the Broncos took a long look at defensive tackle Darius Holland. The former CU standout and eight-year NFL veteran subbed in for Monsanto Pope on the Colts' second offensive series and made the most of it with four sound tackles.

'Sloppy' Night Does in Broncos - - Andrew Mason
Aug. 25, 2003 - It's preseason, so you can take a mulligan, and Monday's 28-23 loss will have no impact on the Broncos' playoff pursuit, and may someday be remembered as an aberration as confounding as the box-office success of Freddy vs. Jason. But to the Broncos themselves, the performance was inexcusable -- a night that saw three turnovers, four first-team drives inside the Colts 25 that netted a total of just six points and 12 penalties.

Broncos-Colts Notebook: Berry Busts Out - - Andrew Mason
Aug. 25, 2003 - It wasn't about revenge; for former Colt Bertrand Berry, the preseason game against Indianapolis was no more meaningful than any other. But what he wanted to do was demonstrate his ability to rush the passer -- something he did successfully late in the second quarter, when he corralled Peyton Manning for a 7-yard loss that pinned the Colts deep inside their own territory.

At Least No One Got Hurt - - James Merilatt
Aug. 25, 2003 - All across the Rocky Mountain region, Denver Broncos' fans are bemoaning the performance of their beloved orange and blue - chagrined by the fact that their team was defeated by the Indianapolis Colts by a count of 28-23 in the third week of NFL preseason play. More specifically, they are dismayed by the miscues in the red zone, botched field goal attempts and missed tackles. On that front, they're not alone.

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