Former Bronco Romonowski Suspended for Fighting

Former Bronco Bill Romonowski has been suspended and fined an undisclosed amount for fighting with Raider teammate Marcus Williams

No stranger to trouble, former Bronco Bill Romonowski was suspended from Monday's practice and fined an undisclosed amount after punching and injuring Raiders teammate Marcus Williams.

Williams, a backup tight end, suffered a broken left orbital bone and an injured nose when a scuffle broke out between he and Romonowski during the teams practice drills. The injury is expected to sideline Williams a minimum of four to six weeks.

"It doesn't matter who it is," Raider head coach Bill Callahan said. "When it gets to that severity, I'm going to level a discipline. It goes beyond the game. Once it's beyond the respect and dignity of a player, it's a tragedy."

Romonowski met with Calahan at team headquarters Monday evening where he was informed of the disciplinary action.

Despite the fact that Alameda Police were notified of the incident, no criminal charges have been filed.

"I talked about fighting on the first day of training camp," Callahan told reporters. "It's an intolerable offense. I think everybody understands how I feel. I'm really disappointed. It was really an unfortunate incident that kind of took the edge off practice."

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