Demaryius Thomas Believes It's Time For He & His Offensive Teammates To 'Man Up'

Demaryius Thomas and his teammates on offense have heard the criticism and are feeling the pressure to improve.

Frustration makes people act in strange ways. In general, it makes us irritable and short-tempered, while clouding our judgement in pressure situations. Anyone who has felt stressed out at their job or at home knows that it’s a harried, rushed emotion that is hard to get rid of when it sets upon you.

To say the offensive players for the Denver Broncos have been frustrated lately would bean understatement. Like the Rocky Mountains looming in the background of our fair state, so have the questions appeared about the state of the Denver offense — immense and ominous. The offensive line, inadequate play-calling, and the inconsistent play of Trevor Siemian have many wondering — when is this team going to turn the corner? 

Pro Bowl wideout and team captain Demaryius Thomas brought attention to the frustration the team is feeling right now and what he is doing to try and combat it.

“It’s basically me doing my job and being a leader, helping everybody do theirs," Thomas said. "Whatever the coaches ask me to do or whatever I’m demanded to do, I just have to do it the best to hopefully help our offense out. We’ve been talking about the little things since Week 1."

From the sounds of it, Thomas sees a need for the offense to toughen up and play faster. 

“It’s basically now manning up and going out and doing your job," he said. "We have to be on the field a lot more. We had too many three-and-outs so we have to fix that and start fast and continue with it.”

There's serious concern in the fanbase. The Broncos have lost three of their last five games and currently field the No. 28 offense. Thomas and his teammates have heard the criticism — loud and clear — but are trying not to let it get to them.

“You can’t let it bother you much," Thomas said. "Everybody can’t be frustrated from offense to coaches and the players. It’s basically getting over the last weekend and trying to go out and do better. You don’t want to be the team where the defense is good and the offense has ups and downs. We want to be able to go out every quarter and put up points some kind of way.”

With the No. 1 total offense on deck for Week 10's matchup, the Broncos know that they're going to have to put up some points and stay on the field. New Orleans is still the home of one of the best quarterbacks of the modern era — Drew Brees.

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To add insult to injury, the Broncos defense will be missing some key pieces this week, with Pro Bowl cornerback Aqib Talib and starting defensive end Derek Wolfe both likely to miss the game. So what do Thomas and the offense have to do to take some of the pressure off their defense? 

“We’re going to do what we’ve been doing," Thomas said. "It’s just hopefully we’ll be able to put some points up. They do score a lot of points and I have faith in my defense to hold them, but the main thing with us on the offensive side is to try to put up more points. Of course, getting more time of possession in games. We didn’t have much this past week so that will help guys out. We had maybe 50-some plays and the defense had over 80. If we balance that out it will be a better for both." 

It was refreshing to hear the usually quiet Thomas challenge himself and his team to play better. As the longest tenured Bronco, and as a team leader, the big receiver took it upon himself to take advantage of any opportunity he'll have to touch the ball on Sunday.

Being on the hunt to make the big play, Thomas sounds like he is all in on doing whatever he can to push the team out of the doldrums it has dwelled in lately. 

Thomas has borne the brunt of much of the fans' criticisms. A lingering hip injury seems to have taken a step or two from him, but his talent is evident on the field. As one of the prominent play-makers on offense, if his performance improves it could go a long way toward lifting his teammates and take pressure off the coaches.

There has been a renewed sense of motivation in the locker room this week, after the Broncos had their figurative noses rubbed in the dirt by the Oakland Raiders. In what may be a bad omen for anyone with a fleur-de-lis on their helmet, Demaryius Thomas and company are looking to exorcise their demons this week and bring home a win as they head into their Week 11 bye. 

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