Is Tony Romo a fit for the Denver Broncos in 2017? Only One Person's Opinion Really Matters

Is Tony Romo a fit for the Denver Broncos next season? Analyst Khalid Alshami discusses.

Trevor Siemian is not the answer.

If you thought he was you might as well stop reading now...

I think they're all gone.

Now that I have your attention, let's talk about the Denver Broncos, but more importantly, let's talk about John Elway. During the team's Super Bowl 50 season, Elway demanded his star QB, Peyton Manning, take a pay-cut to shore up the roster elsewhere and improve the teams chances of winning the Super Bowl. Manning obliged and Elway led the Broncos to their third World Championship. During the season, when Manning went down to injury, Brock Osweiler was called upon to start, going 5-2 to help the team stay atop the AFC West and to secure home field advantage throughout the playoffs. When Brock showed little loyalty to Denver in free agency talks, Elway moved on, trading for Mark Sanchez and looking into every available QB along the way.

On draft night, Elway beat Jerry Jones to the punch, trading with the Seattle Seahawks for the 26th pick, selecting Memphis Tigers gunslinger Paxton Lynch. Then, throughout the offseason, when Siemian outperformed, Elway quickly moved on from Sanchez, his salary and the draft compensation they were set to surrender.

The point is, in less than a year, John Elway has had five different starting QBs, or potential starters. This number is so high because Elway will always put the Broncos in the best position to win in the immediate future. He's done it for five years now, and he will do so until he retires, one day in the distant future.

Tony Romo enters the equation. The Dallas Cowboys will undoubtedly look to move Romo in the offseason after the breakout season from rookie Dak Prescott. Speculation began immediately with many pundits, as well as sources close to Romo, naming the Broncos as the top and preferred landing spot.

It makes sense. Romo is a great fit for Denver and was once heavily sought after by former coach Mike Shanahan and current coach Gary Kubiak as an undrafted rookie in 2003. Romo chose Dallas over more money from Denver, eyeing a better chance to eventually start for the Cowboys. 13 years later, Romo is a potential Hall of Famer looking for a team to finish his career with.

When Elway signed Manning five years ago, there was no promise of the Hall of Famer finding his pre-injury form, or even being able to make an accurate NFL pass. Elway bet on Manning, putting all his chips on the QB and was rewarded for his faith. Now we're talking about a very similar scenario with Romo becoming available. Over the past two seasons, Romo has become known as injury prone, but a couple of his encounters with the injury bug were a result of poor luck. Since taking over as the full-time starter in 2006, through the 2014 season, Romo missed 15 games of a possible 138. Romo is not injury prone, he's had some tough luck.

In his last healthy season, Romo delivered the best year of his career. With his desire to play in Denver, Romo would have to agree to take a large pay-cut to play for Elway, a move that wouldn't be surprising with Romo's desire to win a Super Bowl.

If Elway can agree with Dallas on compensation, all he has to do is sell Romo on taking less money for a shot at the Lombardi, something he has succeeded with in the past with Manning and a former teammate of Romo's, DeMarcus Ware, who talked about winning a Super Bowl with Romo back in February, wishing he had won one with his former quarterback.

With Romo in tow, Denver could also afford to sit Paxton Lynch for an additional season or two to develop and acclimate to the NFL, as Lynch is under team control for the next four seasons. Of course, any idea of Romo coming to Denver has to begin with addressing the offensive line that has been so inconsistent and downright bad over the past three seasons.

What matters most is if John Elway believes Romo puts his team in a position to win another Super Bowl, then Romo will be a Bronco. If he doesn't, then Tony will end up elsewhere, it's as simple as that.

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