Mile High Huddle Predicts Denver Broncos vs. Tennessee Week 14

We have some mixed feelings about what will go down in the Music City.

What may just be another game for the 8-4 Denver Broncos has become one of the biggest games in the last half-decade for the 6-6 Tennessee Titans.

Their six wins are good enough to keep them in the middle of a three-way tie atop the AFC South, along with the Houston Texans and the Indianapolis Colts. But the Titans aren't the only ones that need this game. After the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Oakland Raiders on Thursday night, the Broncos will be just a game out of first place in the AFC West if they can leave Tennessee with a victory.

Our analysts weigh in on Broncos-Titans:

Khalid Alshami (@KhalidHAlshami)

Season Record: 5-7

Must win game for Denver who is faced with starting an overmatched Paxton Lynch or a hobbled Trevor Siemian against a Tennessee team that is very much in playoff contention. No matter who's under center, the team has to find a way to run the ball and stop the run, which look unlikely given recent struggles in the trenches.

Denver needs this game but Tennessee wins it at home.

Broncos 13, Titans 17

Josh Carney (@JCarney_Sports)

Season Record: 8-3

The Tennessee Titans love to pound the rock and beat teams into submission, but fortunately for the Denver Broncos, the run defense has been strong most of the year and seems to be playing very well as of late. Offensively, whomever is under center this week gets the chance to go against one of the worst secondaries in football, so the offense shouldn't have a problem moving the ball on the ground. With the win, things are starting to heat up in the AFC West.

Broncos 23, Titans 14

Chad Jensen (@ChadNJensen)

Season Record: 5-7

The Broncos get their starting QB back, which should allow the offense to exploit Tennessee's porous passing defense. This game will be knock-down drag-out, but the Broncos win.

Broncos 27, Titans 24

Will Keys (@WillKeys6)

Season Record: 6-6

This is a massive game for the Titans. They'll play the Broncos tight until the end, when another late turnover ends a comeback bid.

Broncos 23, Titans 20

Luc Polglaze (@LucPolglaze)

Season Record: 7-5

The Titans will be motivated to break the three-way tie in the AFC South, and they will.

Broncos 20, Titans 24

Ray Roybal (@RoybalSportTalk)

Season Record: 8-4

The Denver defense contains the Tennessee running game behind an over-matched D-line. Trevor Siemian starts and delivers when it's needed most. Justin Forsett and Devontae Booker gain 120 yards on ground, enough to keep the defense guessing.

Broncos 23, Titans 13

Erick Trickel (@ErickTrickel)

Season Record: 2-0

The Tennessee Titans are better than their 6-6 record indicates and haven't lost a game by more than nine points on the season. Their defense is unbalanced, being stronger in the run (seventh in rush yards allowed), with a weak passing defense, where they rank 24th in pass yards.

For the Broncos offense, they need to get the ball to their playmakers in space and do it quickly. This will allow them to take advantage of the Titans biggest weakness in passing defense. Yards after the catch. Titans allow an average of 133 YAC per game, 27th in the NFL, but Denver ranks 26th offensively for YAC. So, there's some pressure on the receivers here.

As for the Broncos defensive matchup, the Titans are pretty well-balanced, though they rely on their strong running game. DeMarco Murray (4.6 ypr) and Derrick Henry (4.5 ypr) could devastate the Broncos defense, which has struggled against good running teams. They also have to be weary of Marcus Mariota's legs.

In the passing game, their strength hits right where Denver's weakness is. Covering tight ends and running backs. Their second leading receiver is Delanie Walker, who is a very underrated, well-rounded tight end. DeMarco Murray is also a threat out of the backfield. Brandon Marshall out for the game, a lot falls on Corey Nelson and Todd Davis to keep the Titans from taking over the game through their running backs and tight ends through the air, and the run game. In three of four Denver losses, teams took advantage of that, and that was with Brandon Marshall on the field. The Falcons used their running backs, Chargers their tight ends and Raiders pounded the rock. 

Also, they take care of Mariota in the passing game, allowing a sack only 4.5% of his drop backs. So there is going to be a lot on the Broncos pass rushers to apply pressure. There is also pressure on the Broncos offensive line to step up as the Titans quietly have a really good pass rushing attack. 

Everything on paper points to a close game, and I think it turns out that way, but not in Denver's favor. Titans win this one 20-17 after keeping the ball on the ground and beating up on a struggling rushing defense. Mariota does enough in the passing game, through his backs and tight ends, to put enough points on the board.

Broncos 17, Titans 20

Adam Uribes (@auribes37)

Season Record: 7-5

The Titans resemble, in some ways, the Oakland Raiders. A physical offensive line and two big backs in Murray and Henry could give the Broncos some trouble. The Broncos D will need to keep the game close so the Titans won't be able to salt away the game late behind their running attack. The Titans were playing some really good ball before their bye, hopefully that rest get them off rhythm a bit. 

The Titans are good against the run and weak versus the pass. If Kubiak and co. can formulate a game plan that focuses attacks aimed at weakness of the Titans instead of being ultra-conservative, I think we have a good shot at winning this one. Siemian will help and hopefully he will build off his good second half versus the Chiefs. 

Broncos 24, Titans 19

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