Aqib Talib Threatens Further Retaliation On Harry Douglas; Broncos Players Call Titans 'Dirty'

Aqib Talib and his teammates had some choice words for Harry Douglas, the wideout who perpetrated a dirty cut-block to Chris Harris, Jr.'s knees in Week 14.

During the Denver Broncos Week 14 loss in Tennessee, fans held their collective breath following a scary hit to Pro Bowl cornerback Chris Harris, Jr. With 3:05 left in the second quarter, the Tennessee Titans ran a hand-off to DeMarco Murray off right tackle for a six-yard gain. 

On the backside of the play, nowhere close to the point of attack, Titans receiver Harry Douglas targeted Harris' knees and launched himself helmet first, making contact. Harris hit the turf writhing in pain.

It was dirty and clearly targeting on the part of Douglas. Harris fully expects the NFL front office to take disciplinary measures on Douglas, as confirmed by a Tweet that he's since deleted. 

"Dude tried to end my career, pla(i)n and simple. I need to see that cash fine Monday," Harris said. 

On the ensuing play, Aqib Talib retaliated, mixing it up with Douglas on the Titans sideline. He was penalized for a personal foul, costing his team 15 yards. It was penalty cash well spent. 

But it wasn't enough. Talib was pulled off of Douglas before he could mete out the pound of flesh he was looking for. According to Talib, it's not over between he and Douglas, as he threatened the receiver following the game. 

"It was a dirty play by a sorry player. He don't do nothing. He come in the game, don't catch no passes. He come to the game and chop guys from the back. And he got the same agent as me, so when I see is a-- in Atlanta, I'm gonna beat his a--."

Talib and Douglas share an agent, Todd France, based out of Atlanta, which is what Talib referred to. For his part, here's how Douglas characterized his cut-block on Harris, per Nicki Jhabvala of the Denver Post.

The dirty hit on Harris was one of the dirtiest plays of the 2016 NFL season. However, according to defensive end Derek Wolfe, who wears a brace on on his right arm, due to fracturing his elbow a few weeks back, the entire Titans offensive line is dirty. 

"They were all doing dirty stuff. Their whole offensive line's dirty," Wolfe said. "I was getting grabbed on my elbow and yanked on my elbow, [they were] grabbing me by my elbow brace and pulling me to the ground. That's the kind of stuff—that's obviously the team they are. They're dirty, and we combated that."

It was a very physical game, and one the Broncos were perhaps not prepared for. The defense did their part, despite it all, keeping the game within striking distance for Trevor Siemian and company, shutting out the Titans offense in the second half. 

The Titans came out on top on Sunday, but when NFL players choose to be dirty, nobody wins. Harry Douglas can try to justify and minimize his dirty behavior, but when there's intent to injure, you can expect the league office to act accordingly. 

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