Shanahan talks about roster cuts

Final trims have been made to the Broncos' 53-man roster, but that still doesn't guarantee security for all those on the team. Although unlikely at this time, coaches are still scanning the free agent list for possible transactions. Denver Coach Mike Shanahan commented from Dove Valley this afternoon on the players who didn't make the final cut

"We are always trying to improve our football team, so it is a possibility to pick-up someone," said Shanahan. "Very seldom does it occur, but everybody looks and every once in a while you will pick-up someone due to lack of depth of a certain position."

"There is remorse with everyone we have to let go. You have guys who are working extremely hard, working out here 4-5 hours a day and a lot of them have had the dream of being in the NFL for a very long time. But, some of them, you just have to let go.

In this difficult business, players have to be cut and the deciding factor can be many different reasons, but with Jarious Jackson, it was merely lack of consistency.

"Both Jarious (Jackson) and Danny (Kanell) worked really hard," Shanahan said. "But when I evaluated everything, Danny looked more consistent."

Cecil Sapp, on the other hand, fell victim to the 53-man game.

"It's tough when you have a guy who has seen some playing time. Cecil really played well. But the bottom line was, that at the running back position, he would have been the fourth guy to go in. We needed more depth in other positions, so we looked at other guys like Clinton Portis, Mike Anderson, Reuben Droughns, and even Quentin Griffin, who is back to practice now. We also have Patrick Hape who adds even more depth."

Although Cecil Sapp was trimmed from the final roster, he is a prospective practice squad candidate. Tomorrow after practice, the five practice squad players will be announced.

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