Denver Broncos 2017: There Will Be Blood

Don't expect John Elway to sit on his hands this offseason.

There will be blood. 

John Elway does not suffer losing. Despite winning the Super Bowl last season, the Denver Broncos front office czar is not going to sit on his hands, and hope that this ship will right itself by osmosis. 

Some heads are going to roll. And according to one Denver insider, we could see some far-reaching changes. 

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Shakeups figure to include not only players on the roster, but within the coaching staff and personnel department as well.

Mike Klis is as plugged in as any 'insider' at Dove Valley. The team leaks him nuggets and allows him to break stories long before they're fed to competing media outlets.

If the feeling Klis is getting is that Elway is going to make some changes, I believe him. However, don't expect that to include firing Head Coach Gary Kubiak

The only way Kubiak isn't the head coach of the Broncos in 2017 and beyond is if he chooses to step down. He endured a health scare earlier this year, causing him to miss Week 6's road trip to San Diego. 

Kubiak suffered what was described as a mini-stroke in 2013, his final season with the Houston Texans. Stress-related illnesses are a real concern for Kubiak's long-term health and after a disappointing, roller-coaster season, it would not surprise me to see him retire. 

When I think of the changes the Broncos have to make, however, I think about the offense. Kubiak has too many fish to fry as the head coach.

Calling plays on gameday has obviously stretched him too thin. And Offensive Coordinator Rick Dennison has clearly not succeeded in shaping a viable offense in his two seasons with the team. 

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Elway needs to tell Kubiak to take a step back and focus on coaching the roster, and go out and hire an offensive coordinator who can come in and lift this team. Wade Phillips' crew is clearly tired from carrying the load. It's time for some new blood. 

Kyle Shanahan would be the top guy on my wishlist. He's currently Atlanta's OC, and is expected to have head coaching opportunities when the season ends, which makes his coming to Denver the longest of long shots. 

But in Elway, the Broncos have the NFL's top front office closer. With the history Shanahan has with the Broncos, and Kubiak, perhaps he could be persuaded to take an offensive coordinator/assistant head coach job, with the understanding that he would be Kubiak's successor when he eventually retires. 

There are other coaches, like San Diego's Mike McCoy, who's not long for his job with the Chargers, or even a guy from the college ranks like Troy Calhoun. When the season ends, even more names will be thrown into the hat. 

Whomever the Broncos land on as a new OC, that person has to be hired with the expressed objective of not only lifting the offense out of the doldrums, but also in getting the most out of Paxton Lynch

I'd be shocked if Clancy Barone remains as Denver's offensive line coach. He's presided over two poor seasons of collective failure, like Dennison. 

Elway will purge the Broncos of any perceived dead weight. And it'll send a message to the scouts, coaches, and players who remain, that failure is not an option and will never be tolerated so long as he's running the football operations of the Denver Broncos. 

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