Denver Broncos Hire Vance Joseph: What They're Saying

With the news that the Broncos have hired Vance Joseph to be their 16th head coach, people around the league have begun to weigh in.

It's done. The Denver Broncos concluded their 10-day search for a new head coach, hiring the 44-year-old defensive coordinator of the Miami Dolphins, Vance Joseph. We've heard from Joseph himself, GM John Elway and Team President Joe Ellis on the hiring decision. 

The news is now a couple hours old, and players and coaches from around the league have already weighed in on Denver's decision. Let's see what the coaches and players who've been influenced by Joseph had to say about the Broncos 16th head coach. 


Adam Gase, Miami Dolphins Head Coach

“He’s done a great job with our players. I can speak for that first hand. He took so much off my plate where I never had to worry about anything with the defense. He really did a great job with all those guys in that room. Once he was hired, I knew that side of the ball was good to go and I was able to focus on what I needed to with the offense. He has a strong personality and he demands a lot from players and they give him everything they have, which is a testament to his ability as a leader.” 

Gary Kubiak, Former Broncos Head Coach

“Vance has been in preparation for this opportunity for many years. He is a leader of men who gets the most out his players. V.J. is demanding yet passionate in his relationship with them. He is a tremendous addition to the Bronco family. I am so proud of him. His future and the future of the Denver Broncos is very bright. I congratulate V.J. and it’s well deserved.”

Gary Barnett, Former Colorado Buffaloes Head Coach “Players loved him. He was a really good teacher. He was firm but yet fair. They really liked him and related to him. He was a guy that players could certainly relate to. He did a good job with them. From there he’s just had great experiences in the NFL, I know that. He certainly seems to be really highly regarded by certain GMs and certain programs. He’s a great guy. I’d love to have him back around just because he and Holly (wife) are so cool.” 

Marvin LewisCincinnati Bengals Head Coach

“When you sit in staff meetings and in game plan meetings and his ability to interject and have an opinion on things—a well thought of and researched opinion—I think there’s no question in my mind that he has the ability to lead the room and lead men and get them pointed in the right direction and take those steps to be a head coach.”

Mike Singletary, Former San Francisco 49ers Head Coach

“The one thing about Vance Joseph is that he's a very detailed guy. He's very straight-forward and a great communicator. He would do a great job. I'm very excited about the opportunity that he has going forward. I hope that he's able to take full advantage of it.”


Ndamukong Suh, Miami Dolphins DT

“I think I learned a lot from him, just in regards to how he views putting the defensive line and the back seven together, and the front seven and the back four together. I think he’s an excellent coach. They are getting an elite guy that understands defense and understands how things work together, and working with a lot of different pieces and puzzles. We probably had a new lineup every single week this past season, and he’s a guy that knows how to adjust and adapt.

“I think he’s going to be an excellent head coach, in my personal opinion. Obviously he’s a great people person and he’s great at dealing with a lot of different personalities. I had a great relationship with him and look forward to continuing that relationship him. There is no question that those players are going to definitely be happy with the way that he runs things and with the way he likes things set up. I’ve gotten to see him in action at all levels over these past 12 months.”

Jelani Jenkins, Miami Dolphins LB

“I see him as an ultimate competitor. He’s smart, intelligent, confident, and aggressive. He really made football simple for me. There are a lot of things an offense can do and he was able to really simplify it for all of us and slowed the game down and made us play faster because of the way he taught it.”

Byron Maxwell, Miami Dolphins CB

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“V.J. brought great leadership and taught us the intangibles of being a leader, what all of that entails and how you have to bring it every day with the guys looking at you. His leadership qualities will make him a good head coach. He knows how to talk to you. He knows how to communicate to guys in the generation. He’s a leader of men and he understands that.”

Michael Thomas, Miami Dolphins S

“V.J. put a premium on guys just doing their jobs and understanding the why of what plays we’re running and why you’re doing it. That really helped change our culture. The biggest thing he brought to us was that mentality of just knowing and understanding that you have to do what it takes to win. We’ve got the playmakers. He believed in us. I truly believe that as a head coach, guys are going to buy into his program. They are going to believe in him and he’s going to get those guys rolling. He’s the perfect guy for a head coaching job.

 “As a head coach, V.J. will help guys understand their responsibility and why they need to take care of their business. You have 10 other guys on the field at any given time and they are expecting you to be somewhere. I truly understood and learned this year that if I did my job, and if I was where I was supposed to be, everything was going to work out.”

Johnathan JosephHouston Texans CB

“I'm extremely excited for him and proud of him. One of the guys that definitely helped me out in my career and brought me on board here. I'm sure he'll do a great job there, deserving of it. I'm proud of him.”

Adam Jones, Cincinnati Bengals CB

“Great dude. A player’s coach. He was good for us here. He’s very smart. Taught us a lot of things as a group as far as different routes and playing different things. I’ve played with a lot of good coaches, but V.J. was one of the best coaches I’ve been coached by. He just has a knack of getting to the inner person. He knows the right things to say. He’s going to tell you wrong or right what you need to step up on and you can respect a person like that.”

Kiko Alonso, Miami Dolphins LB

“He’s a very competitive guy. He brings it every day and I think that’s very important because to play great on Sundays you need to come with that mentality every single day and be ready to practice and get ready for Sundays.”

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