Vance Joseph Reveals His Vision To Resurrect The Denver Broncos Offense

Vance Joseph shared some of his thoughts on what he plans to do to revive the Broncos offense.

The Denver Broncos introduced new Head Coach Vance Joseph on Thursday from team headquarters. We got to hear many of the philosophies that made Joseph John Elway's top choice to succeed Gary Kubiak Joseph talked a lot about team culture and embracing the high expectations that surround the Broncos franchise. The biggest issues on the minds of many, which Joseph addressed, revolved around his plans for his coaching staff and the offense. 

The 2016 Broncos offense could be described as "predictable, impotent, and boring". The verbiage Joseph used to describe his vision moving forward included "attacking, tempo, and scoring points". 

Following the press conference, Joseph intimated that he will officially begin the process of interviewing candidates to fill out his staff. And that starts with possible offensive coordinators Mike McCoy and Bill Musgrave, both of whom are expected to interview today. 

Although Joseph would not reveal any specific thoughts as to the relative fit of either candidate for the job, he did talk about whether he would keep the same offensive blueprint in place that we saw Kubiak deploy in 2016. 

He didn't commit to a system one way or another, but he did say that he wants his offense to "fit the players" and to feature "multiple formations and personnel groupings". Throughout this past season, I lamented regularly on Kubiak's narrow-minded vision to elevate his scheme over what was best for the players. 

“I want an offense that is attacking," Joseph said. "Being a defensive guy my entire career, only 14 seasons, when you play on offense that is attacking, it makes you be careful of your calls. If an offense was conservative, I loved it because I can be the attacker, but if the offense was attacking, with multiple personnel groups and all types of formations, that is what I want them to look like. I want to score point. Points win. Obviously defense wins championships, but you have to score points. I want an offense with swagger and I want an offense that’s up-tempo and has a chance to score a lot of points.”

Joseph believes that this league, and therefore the team and offense, its about players. The expressed purview of the new offensive coordinator will be to fit the offense to the strength of the personnel. 

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“I’ve been on defense for 14 seasons and every offense that I’ve faced, whether you call it ‘West Coast numbers’, it’s very similar to me, so maybe I don’t know (laughs)," Joseph said. "It’s the same to me every Sunday. Schematically, that depends. I want a guy that fits the scheme to the players. I want coordinators that put players first and schemes second. If it doesn’t fit the players, let’s not do it. My thought there is ‘players first, scheme second’.”

Whether it's the quarterbacks — Paxton Lynch or Trevor Siemian — or the offensive line or the skill positions, that's exactly what I was hoping to hear from Denver's new Head Coach. 

With regard to the quarterback situation, Joseph intimated that it would be an open competition for the starting job.

“I was watching Trevor. Obviously he has more experience," Joseph said. "He had a fine year. I watched him getting smart. He’s fast with the ball. He makes little error with the football and that’s important. Paxton is a big, strong guy with a big arm. Its two different guys, but they’re both young and they’re both capable. It’s going to be an open competition. That’s going to make both guys better. Whoever is the best for our team, [we’ll] make sure that’s who is going to play.”

OTAs and training camp this year are going to be interesting. 

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