Report: Philip Rivers Not Willing To Move To L.A. — Should Denver Explore A Trade?

The Broncos won a Super Bowl with one veteran transplant at quarterback. Could they repeat history with Philip Rivers?

The Denver Broncos are once again headed into the unknown with a new head coach and staff. It's an exciting time in the Mile High City.

GM John Elway has stated publicly on multiple occasions that the team is confident and excited by their quarterback situation. The Broncos have two young, homegrown signal-callers. And a new coaching staff put in place to build a prolific offense around them. One is a first round pick — Paxton Lynch — and the other is entering his third season with 14 NFL starts under his belt — Trevor Siemian. Both guys are 25 or younger. 

Siemian and Lynch have a lot of potential, but they both come replete with question marks, like most unproven players. The Broncos, one year removed from winning it all, are one difference-making quarterback away from returning to championship contention. 

New Head Coach Vance Joseph stated publicly last Thursday that it's going to be an "open competition" at quarterback this year. Assuming that's true, and that both players will still be on the roster come July, no matter which guy wins the starting job, there will still be growing pains. 

New coaches. 

New system. 

Lynch has started just two games, and let's face it; Siemian is less than two years removed from being selected in the seventh round of the NFL Draft. Neither guy is exactly a grizzled veteran. 

The Broncos could — and probably will — choose to move forward with one of, if not both quarterbacks and attempt to build around them, knowing that they'll have to traverse the rocky road of trial and error. 

Or, Elway and company could choose door No. 2 and attempt to recreate the same success they had with Peyton Manning. One guy you're going to hear a ton of speculation on between now and the Draft is Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers

Rivers is reportedly unhappy with is owner's decision to move the Chargers from San Diego to Los Angeles and could be looking to force his way out of the situation.

It's worth noting that right now, the San Francisco 49ers don't have a general manager or a head coach. But the issue remains the same. 

If Rivers wants out of the Chargers organization, wouldn't it make sense that he'd want to go somewhere with familiar faces and to a team with a real shot at winning a championship? Rivers saw the success Peyton Manning had in Denver. 

Four consecutive Divisional crowns, two Super Bowl berths and a World Championship? At 35 years old, that all probably sounds really good to Rivers. 

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With the man who coached Rivers for the last four years — Mike McCoy — now with the Broncos, there is a familiarity and a comfort zone built into Denver as a possible destination. Yes, it would mean that Rivers would have to be willing to leave his team of 13 years to go to a hated Division rival, but there is a precedent for it. 

See Brett Favre's defection from Green Bay to Minnesota, by way of New York. The Broncos would have to be willing to get back in the business of paying their quarterback an elite salary. In 2017 alone, Rivers' salary cap hit is $20 million. 

The Broncos are expected to have close to $50 million in cap space to play with. The Broncos will either have to be willing to pony up, or Rivers would have to be open to taking a major pay-cut to come to Denver. With eight mouths to feed, that's a big ask. 

Nevertheless, if the rumors of Rivers' disgruntlement are true, and with Mike McCoy back in the fold, you can expect that at the very least, a conversation will be had at Dove Valley about the prospect of working out a trade that would bring the five-time Pro Bowler to Denver. 

The Broncos would also have to be willing to keep Paxton Lynch and/or Trevor Siemian in a developmental holding pattern, which makes the prospect of trading for Rivers that much dimmer. Elway saw how sitting behind Manning for four years affected Brock Osweiler's outlook in Denver. 

Do I see a Rivers trade happening? No. But with Elway's track record, it sure as heck wouldn't surprise me. 

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