Emmanuel Sanders and DeMarcus Ware Asked If Tony Romo Would Be a Good Fit for the Denver Broncos on NFL Gameday

Emmanuel Sanders and DeMarcus Ware were on NFL Gameday this morning when Steve Wyche tossed a Romo hypothetical their way.

If you play this video backwards and slow it down to half-speed, it reveals a secret message confirming that Denver Broncos GM John Elway was spotted in Chris Christie's usual seat next to Dallas Cowboys GM/Owner Jerry Jones in his luxury box atop AT&T Stadium hashing out the terms of a Tony Romo trade. Lip-readers were able to deduce that Elway was offering three future first round picks and punter Riley Dixon (thrown in only so Romo can wear his signature number nine upon his arrival).

http://www.scout.com/nfl/broncos/story/1719434-get-si-subscription-with-... Disregard the fact that I completely made up that entire paragraph and indulge some armchair general managing for a moment. How does one interpret the comments made by Emmanuel Sanders and DeMarcus Ware when asked about the potential of a Romo-to-Denver acquisition on NFL Gameday?

Neither of them were entirely dismissive. Sanders in particular seemed fairly eager to indulge the question, saying that he would benefit from having Tony Romo behind center. That's some breaking news if I've ever heard it, a Pro-Bowl wide receiver would in fact see an increase in production if his team was to gain the services of a Pro-Bowl quarterback.

The major road block is that Denver is not exactly interested in trading for Romo, according to NFL insider Ian Rapoport.


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The key word here is trade. The Broncos probably don't want to part ways with any assets to acquire a soon-to-be-37-year-old, injury-prone quarterback, but might change their tune if Romo were to hit the open market as a pre-June cap casualty.

The other elephant in the room is the fact that Denver already has two young quarterbacks ready to compete for a starting job this year. Paxton Lynch is Denver's first-round selection from just a year ago, and the team invested 14 games worth of experience into Trevor Siemian, who proved to be plenty capable, especially given his lack of pedigree.

Toss Romo into the mix and that's a surefire signal that Denver is waving the white flag on developing Siemian (half of you can't contain your glee just at the thought), and pumping the brakes heavily on Lynch.

It's also worth noting that Denver's offensive line, as is, would likely result in Justin Houston and Khalil Mack hitting Romo so hard that his spine is melted into a plate of warm lasagna. The Great Wall of Dallas they are not.

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