REPORT: Denver Broncos Interested in Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo

Mike Klis of 9News got some inside information on the Romo situation.

The great Mike Klis of 9News shook up the news cycle this morning with a massive scoop regarding the Denver Broncos and the future of the quarterback situation.

Klis revealed that all of the talk linking Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo to the Broncos might end up being more than just rampant speculation.

"A source in the Broncos’ football department did not dismiss the possibility of bringing in the Dallas Cowboys quarterback -- providing the situation reaches the point where Romo is no longer Cowboys’ property."

The big stipulation, of course, is that Romo is a free agent rather than an asset dangling on the Cowboys' end of a blockbuster trade. It makes sense--why part ways with a pick or a player when there's a chance that the Broncos could wait out the situation until Romo is cut (prior to the June deadline), allowing them to sign him to a much more manageable figure and avoiding parting ways with any of their own assets.

Of course, there are a few teams like, oh I don't know, the Houston Texans (although they are in contract hell with Brock) and the New York Jets who are in desperate need of some good professional quarterbacking. When you're the Jets and Ryan Fitzpatrick, the poor man's Romo, is the franchise's single-season leader in touchdown passes, why not shell out a pick or two for the real thing? So, if the Broncos are serious, there's a good chance they'll have competition in the Romo market. The one advantage they have is that, well, they're the Broncos and not the Jets or the Texans. At age 37, it's fair to assume Romo would prefer to insert himself into the most ideal situation, and Denver is most certainly that. Jerry Jones and Tony Romo are about as close as a quarterback and front office executive get, and if Romo tells him him he wants to land in Denver, you would expect Jones to do his best to make that so.

On a more broad, general note, you have to ask yourself whether acquiring a (soon-to-be) 37-year-old, injury-riddled quarterback is a prudent roster decision. That's something we will soon explore.

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