Kapri Bibbs: The Denver Broncos' Renaissance Man

Broncos RB Kapri Bibbs showed off his musical talents in a new video.

What do you like to see out of a Denver Broncos running back?

Vision, quick feet, speed, elusiveness, decisiveness, and ball security would certainly be high up on the list.

In his first season on the active roster, Kapri Bibbs exhibited quite a few of those characteristics, even showing us the whole package on a 69-yard catch-and-run touchdown against the Oakland Raiders halfway through the season.


In typical 2016 Broncos fashion, he fell victim to an ankle injury against the Jacksonville Jaguars, cutting short a promising initial season and sending him to the IR. But what do great men do in times of struggle and strife? They make art.

And that's what Bibbs has been doing this offseason, penning a few musical numbers. Recently, his opus, "Shorty Gotta Go," was given the music video treatment (fire emoji).

To borrow from the great Will Ferrell playing the great Robert Goulet, that's some rip roarin' rap music. 

In the interest of full disclosure, I'll admit that when it comes to qualitatively assigning a judgment to a rap song, I'm probably not your guy. But just by scanning the human cesspool that is the comments section of YouTube, it looks like "Shorty Gotta Go" was released to fairly positive acclaim.

And of course, it's a good, wholesome ballad about being caught in a love triangle (technically a polygon) with an array of respectable young women, much like in Lou Bega's "Mambo No. 5."

What I don't particularly want to hear is some egg on Twitter complaining that he should be using the offseason to rehab and get better at football. NFL players are not gladiators for our amusement, they're allowed to have other interests in their time off. Unless we're talking about Marshawn Lynch starring in a God-awful biopic about himself, realizing how thoroughly unwatchable it is, and never letting it see the light of day.

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