Trevor Siemian Is Ready to Re-Earn His Starting QB Job for the Denver Broncos

Trevor Siemian has no problem with another quarterback competition.

Job security is a valuable thing in just about any industry, and it's almost unheard of in the NFL.

Trevor Siemian did what he had to do this last August, beating out veteran Mark Sanchez and rookie Paxton Lynch for the starting quarterback job of the Denver Broncos. And he held onto it all season long, missing just a couple of games due to injury. Despite being showered with a baffling vendetta of criticism from a portion of stubborn fans, Siemian posted a winning record at 8-6, threw eight more touchdowns than interceptions, and earned the respect of the locker room as a seventh-round draft pick who had to earn every snap.

But he's going to have to earn it all back.

Siemian, with his left arm in a sling, joined Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk in Houston to talk about the ensuing quarterback battle with Lynch in next season's training camp.

"I'm excited to get back and compete. That doesn't scare me, I think that's part of the deal. I think it'll help both of us get better."

It makes a ton of sense that Siemian would take the most humble approach to a question like that, even when it's asked to him by the man who quite literally predicted that Siemian would wet himself in the first game of the season against the Carolina Panthers, which instead became his first career victory.

That's right Florio, I never forget.

But back to the matter at hand, it's not necessary fair that Siemian has to regain the job he never lost in the first place, but there is no such thing as fair in sports (see Wally Pipp or Drew Bledsoe).

As it stands right now, Siemian is head and perhaps even shoulders above Lynch, who has also received plenty of unwarranted backlash from cantankerous fans eager to label him a bust. However, there's no doubting that Lynch is the more gifted player, and has the higher ceiling. It's a matter of being able to access and harness that talent, something quarterbacks like Jay Cutler could never quite do.

The only way Lynch becomes the starter is if he takes a big leap forward while Siemian hits a plateau. It's certainly possible, and it could be that Lynch finds himself in Mike McCoy's offense, but there's also no reason to rush an unfinished product onto the field when Siemian has already proven himself capable.

Oh, and there's that whole Tony Romo monkey wrench. Whatever.

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