5 Veteran Quarterbacks Who Make Sense For The Denver Broncos

The Broncos might bring in a veteran quarterback in 2017. Publisher Chad Jensen breaks down five veteran signal-callers who could make sense.

I've been told that the Denver Broncos are strongly considering bringing in a veteran quarterback in 2017. Despite words to the contrary, they don't seem to be completely confident in their two young signal-callers Paxton Lynch and Trevor Siemian.

http://www.scout.com/nfl/broncos/story/1681565-5-reasons-you-should-go-p... Let's not forget, the Broncos do have a very successful recent history of acquiring an accomplished veteran who led them to a couple of Super Bowls and brought home the franchise's third Lombardi Trophy. That makes the temptation to go back to the veteran well quite compelling.

Of course, Peyton Manning was a once-in-a-generation type of player. The odds of the Broncos repeating what was arguably the team's most successful four-year era are slim.

Still, if we take a look around the league at veteran quarterbacks poised to either be free agents, or made available through other means, there are some intriguing options. Let's take a look.

Tony RomoDallas Cowboys


The top choice of course is Tony Romo. Currently under contract with the Cowboys, Romo recently told ESPN's Ed Werder that he expects to be released and believes he has two to three years of good football left in him.

If the Broncos want to immediately step back into the ring of Super Bowl contention, Romo would conceivably give them the best shot. But Romo has been injured by the last three hits he's taken, essentially, causing him to miss significant time.

Could the Broncos count on him? Romo would only make sense if he was willing to take an incentive-laden contract, that only pays him if he's on the field. 

Jay CutlerChicago Bears


Another guy I've spit-balled, who's a far-less popular choice, is Chicago's Jay Cutler. Also still under contract, the Bears are expected to try trading Cutler in order to get out from under his immense contract.

Without a taker on the trade block, they'll likely release him. Far from the ideal option, Cutler would make some sense for Denver, due to his undeniable talent and history with the organization.

However, after more than a decade in the NFL, he isn't a quarterback with a winning mentality. And there are questions about how willing and effective he would be as a mentor to the young guys, although I've been told he was very helpful to Chicago's young quarterbacks.

Many stars in a strange football universe would have to align in order for Cutler to land in Denver. On a team-friendly deal, I'd be lying if I told you the prospect didn't intrigue me. 

Tyrod TaylorBuffalo Bills


Another guy we know Denver liked in the past, who could be available on the trade market, is Tyrod Taylor. Currently under contract in Buffalo, Taylor has two years of starting experience but acquiring him would delay Paxton Lynch's development.

If things don't go exactly the way the Broncos want in targeting a veteran, all signs point to the team building around Lynch. All the recent coaching hires are intended to give Lynch the best opportunity to succeed. 

Still, the compulsion to win now is a strong one for GM John Elway.

At 27 years old, Taylor is in the prime of his career and with Rick Dennison now in Buffalo as offensive coordinator, I find it hard to believe the Bills will part ways with him. Taylor has been rumored to be on the trading block, however. 

For any of above three veterans to make sense for the Broncos, they would have to be released. Denver is not interested in making a trade.

Josh McCown, UFA


Depending on exactly what the Broncos are looking for in a veteran, they could consider Josh McCown. McCown is 37 years old and soon to be a free agent.

He would only be viewed as a stop-gap, or a fail-safe, nothing more. McCown is the type of veteran who could mentor the young guys, and step in and keep the ship afloat in a tight spot.

Mike Glennon, UFA


Finally, there's Mike Glennon, former Tampa Bay Buccaneers third round pick, who will also be an unrestricted free agent. The Broncos were reportedly interested in him after losing out in the Brock Osweiler sweepstakes.

But Glennon doesn't offer any more security than the two quarterbacks they have under contract. And he didn't have a lot of success in the few opportunities to start he did receive as a young player.

At the end of the day, my instinct is that it's Tony Romo or nobody. Barring that, the Broncos will roll the dice on their two youngsters and let the best man win in open competition. 

Chad Jensen is the Publisher of Mile High Huddle. You can find him on Twitter @ChadNJensen.

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