VIDEO: What We Learned From John Elway's Remarks At The NFL Combine

John Elway held court at the NFL Combine. Chad Jensen reports on what we learned from Elway's time in Indianapolis.

The Denver Broncos were busy at the 2017 NFL Scouting Combine. Our analyst Nick Kendell was there and will be reporting on more of the Broncos buzz and takeaways he gleaned in the coming days.

GM John Elway spoke on Wednesday, and shared many insights that clarify some of the speculation around what Denver will do in free agency and the Draft. What did we learn from Elway's time at the podium? Let's start with Denver's approach in free agency. First off, when it comes to quarterback, although Elway claimed that he's happy with Paxton Lynch and Trevor Siemian, he said he's open to anything — an inference to the Tony Romo speculation.

Multiple reports abounded out of Indianapolis about Denver's intentions with Romo, and it mostly paints the picture that they want the 36-year-old gunslinger badly. If Romo is released and becomes a free agent, expect the Broncos to pursue him hard.

Elway made it clear that when it comes to Denver's glaring roster holes, he would prefer to fill them via free agency, rather than the draft.

"I think we can supplement some needs that we have through free agency because I don’t like going into the draft with big needs," Elway said.

Elway also intimated that the Broncos will continue to look for value signings on the free agent market The Broncos have had great success with second and third tier veterans, such as safety Darian Stewart, defensive linemen Vance Walker and Antonio Smith, to name a few.

As it relates to Denver's pending free agents, Elway said that although he hasn't met with DeMarcus Ware yet, he plans to following the Combine. Elway did not say whether Denver wants Ware back, but if they plan on talking, there's likely some interest there. Ware's age and struggles to stay healthy will limit Denver's willingness to spend. 

Nose tackle Sylvester Williams is set to be an unrestricted free agent. After months of speculation, we learned that Denver hasn't written off their 2013 first round pick.

"We still have interest in trying to get Sylvester back too," Elway said. "But he wants to see the market."

Williams will test the market but he could circle back to the team that drafted him, depending on what response he gets from other teams.

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Elway also vehemently pointed out that the Broncos have not "moved on" from left tackle Russell Okung, despite choosing to pass on picking up his option. 

"I wouldn’t say we 'moved on'," Elway said. "We just didn’t exercise his option. That doesn’t mean that we’ve moved on. We’d still like to talk to Russell and I’m going to talk to Russell about possibly what he wants to do. But he’s looking at the market, and seeing what’s out there also. So we’re not counting Russell out. But he’s part of the process."

Elway also acknowledged Denver's need to bolster the defensive line. There will be options on the free agent market to fill some holes, depending on how much money the Broncos want to spend.

As for the Draft, Elway said that there aren't any ready-made quarterbacks in this year's Draft. But don't discount the possibility of Denver selecting one late, especially if the team acquires Tony Romo and ends up trading Trevor Siemian, as some have speculated.

Elway won't rest on his laurels when it comes to Denver's defense. He knows it won the Broncos their third championship and will continue to cultivate it.

But he plans on focusing on improving the offense, where Denver finished in the league doldrums in almost every statistical category.

"I want to continue to be as good as we can be on defense," Elway said. "I don’t want to back up there because we’ve been so good. I just know that what we’ve got to do is we’ve got to get better on the offensive side." 

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