Will Tony Romo's Agent Formally Request For The Dallas Cowboys To Release Him?

Over the past couple days, rumors on the Tony Romo front have trickled down to Mile High Huddle involving the Denver Broncos. Erick Trickel reports.

The NFL Combine has consumed the headlines over the last few days. During the football convention that is the Combine, NFL teams talk to one another about trades, players, this and that.

A lot of information gets thrown around, most of which is done quietly to avoid punishment from those above them. Even player agents are there, either to help with college players who signed with them, or talk about some of their clients who are already free agents or set to hit the market.

Of course, the hot topic for the Denver Broncos has been their pursuit of quarterback Tony Romo. At the Combine, there have been a lot of rumors going around and some have made their way to Mile High Huddle. 

http://www.scout.com/nfl/broncos/story/1760181-elway-at-the-combine-what... One source has told me that agent Jimmy Sexton has been at the Combine and has been seen talking with Broncos GM John Elway. One of Sexton’s biggest clients is Tony Romo.

Both the Broncos and Sexton are very close on how they estimate the value of the current Dallas Cowboys quarterback, which points to a deal likely happening. To add to the rumor mill, I've been told that Sexton has put in a formal request for the Cowboys to release Romo within the next 48 hours.

I'm told the hope is for Romo and Sexton to be free to meet with the Broncos in Denver on Tuesday, when the free agent negotiation period officially opens league-wide.

These are rumors and unconfirmed at this time. I'm relaying what I've been told by my sources for our premium members. But know this; there are some aspects that could shut these rumors down.

First off, while the Cowboys can release Romo before the start of the new league year, it would destroy their salary cap. In order to use the June 1 designation, which limits the dead money hit from $19.6 million to a much more manageable $10.7 million, they can’t release Romo until the start of the new league year .

With the new league year not starting until 4 p.m. EST on Thursday, March 9, the 48-hour time frame for the release might not happen. But that doesn’t mean Sexton didn’t ask for it.

http://www.scout.com/nfl/browns/story/1760211-composite-nfl-mock-draft-v... With that in mind, the rumored Sexton/Romo meeting in Denver could be for a variety of reasons. One, to talk about the latest that Sexton has heard, so that the Broncos are ready when the Romo release does happen.

Two, a Tuesday meeting could be to determine time frame, or to get a good idea of what Romo is looking for. It could be any number of reasons. But it is interesting that the rumor has them meeting in Denver of all places.

The final hindrance to the veracity of these rumors are the NFL tampering rules. John Elway has played loose with these rules before, as he did in the courtship of Peyton Manning, following his release in Indianapolis.

The NFL was asked to look into that and the Broncos came away clean. This situation is one that could be investigated, especially if people from other teams submit it to the league for investigation.

Either way, the next week is going to be filled with rumors involving Tony Romo and the Broncos. If these rumors are true, which we at Mile High Huddle are working to ascertain, then all signs point to Tony Romo being a Bronco.

If that happens, the Broncos will try to trade Trevor Siemian, which they will look to do even if they don’t get Romo, and there have been rumors of teams interested in his services. Benjamin Allbright, who has proven the value of his information time and time again, mentioned the Buffalo Bills as a potential trade partner for Siemian.

When I inquired with my sources, I got word that Buffalo would be willing to send a fifth rounder and another pick to Denver for Siemian. There are also a few other teams who seem interested in Siemian, from what has been expressed to me by different sources.

The Jacksonville Jaguars, who are not sold on Blake Bortles, are one of the few other teams I've heard mentioned. 

Erick Trickel is the Senior Draft Analyst for Mile High Huddle. You can find him on Twitter @ErickTrickel.

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