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VIDEO: Watch Demaryius Thomas Hurl An Epithet At Tom Brady, Followed By An Admission Of His Greatness

Demaryius Thomas was caught in a compromising position on camera at a nightclub in Georgia, saying not-so-nice things about Tom Brady.

I've got to say, this surprises me. 

I guess all you need to do to get the usually introverted and quiet Pro Bowl receiver Demaryius Thomas to open up, is feed him some adult beverages and put him on a bar top. 

Thomas was partying in his home state of Georgia recently, at the Velvet Elvis Grille in Milledgeville. And along with some of his fellow party-goers, Thomas was captured on video saying (ear muffs), "F**k Tom Brady!"

TMZ captured the video and it's now blowing up the interwebs. (NSFW)

Hey, at least Thomas followed up with, "But he's great", while his blurred-out buddy opined, "He's the GOAT.". It's worth noting in the TMZ report that Thomas' buddy said that Denver's star receiver was just joking and "meant no harm". 

Not the greatest, most professional look for Demaryius Thomas, who probably didn't suspect that this video would find it's way to the highest bidder. As a veteran of seven season, and a high-profile one at that, Thomas should know better. 

Still, most Denver Broncos fans will not find fault in Thomas' words. The vast majority of Broncos Country feels the same way. 

It'll be interesting to see if this grows into something bigger, or if it will force the organization to comment. I doubt it, though. 

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