REPORT: Don't Expect QB Tony Romo to Sign Right Away

Like Peyton Manning in 2012, Tony Romo won't be in any rush to sign with a new team.

If you're hoping for a swift resolution to the ever-lingering Tony Romo saga, it appears you might be out of luck.

According to NFL Media's Ian Rapoport, Romo will most likely be channeling Peyton Manning's snail-paced free agency tour circa 2012 rather than rushing to sign his name on the dotted line.

According to an earlier report, the Dallas Cowboys will grant Romo his release and let him go tomorrow, the first day of the free agency period. This, combined with the new report that Romo won't be in any rush to choose his landing spot, could throw a little bit of a monkey wrench in the Denver Broncos' plans to sign free agents. Romo, should he sign with the Broncos, would take up a significant portion of the available cap, so it might make the Broncos hesitant to throw money around before they know whether they'll be paying a new quarterback big-time money (relative to last year) in 2017. This doesn't mean that the Broncos will halt all other progress on the free agent front, but it would probably prevent them from being gung-ho regarding free agents, knowing that they would have to reserve space for Romo.

At this point, the main competition for Romo looks like the Houston Texans, a team that somewhat mirrors the Broncos with a championship-caliber defense and a lackluster offense holding down the team from advancing to the Super Bowl.

The offers shouldn't be too far apart; Houston is partially handcuffed because of the Brock Osweiler contract hanging over them, but it would be possible to back-load Romo's contract towards the second year while cutting Osweiler after the 2017 season without consequence.

Per a Benjamin Allbright report from earlier this week, the Broncos will offer Romo around $10-12 million per year, a figure that will be sweetened with escalators and incentives that could hike up that number should Romo perform to a certain level.

Ultimately, Romo's choice will come down to his own personal preference and where he believes he has the best chance to cement his legacy with a Super Bowl win. The Broncos have Manning's success to point to, and the Texans have back-to-back division championships and a playoff win to build their case.

Romo might take his time like Peyton Manning, but it remains to be seen whether the destination will be the same.

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