Tony Romo Likely To Be Released This Week

It's only a matter of time before the Cowboys release Tony Romo.

The Dallas Cowboys pulled an end-around on their quarterback of 14 years. After telling Tony Romo on Wednesday, the day before free agency opened, that they would release him, Dallas reneged. 

It's bad business and it casts Jerry Jones in an unflattering light. 

The Houston Texans changed the entire Romo landscape when they traded Brock Osweiler and a couple of draft picks — including a second-rounder — to Cleveland. The Browns sent them a fourth round pick in exchange. 

That air of desperation made Jones do a double-take and reconsider whether the Cowboys had underestimated Romo's value on the market. Instead, the Cowboys have held onto Romo, hoping to trade him.

Denver and Houston aren't playing ball, though. GM John Elway is calling Jones' bluff. It's only a matter of time before Dallas releases Romo.

They can release him at any time and get the June 1 designation, which will allow them to spread his dead cap hit over two years, instead of absorbing it all in one. 

Most Dallas insiders believe the Cowboys will release Romo this week (see video at top of story). The longer Jones waits, the more ridiculous he looks. 

And when Romo becomes a free agent, expect the Broncos to pursue him hard. The Broncos still have an estimated $20 million or so in available cap space, after signing two offensive linemen and two defensive linemen. 

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