The Broncos kickoff the season against the Bengals in Cincinnati, but this game is much more than the start of a new season. It is the start of a new era --- the Jake the Snake era.

With the Broncos' new quarterback Jake Plummer, expectations soar high, not only from the fans, but also from the team. But, it should be assumed --- no one has higher expectations for the Broncos new quarterback, than Jake himself.

Plummer's preseason performance with the Broncos left many fans questioning whether or not he left his past in Arizona. Although, he has great mobility, a strong arm, and a great connection with his team, he still has 24 more interceptions than touchdowns so far in his career. Jake has obvious potential and now has weapons that are expected to make him a much more successful quarterback. Plummer makes his first regular season appearance this Sunday at Cincinatti, which could be a promising beginning for the new quarterback. Since the Bengals don't have nearly as many weapons as the Broncos, Plummer should be able to give his critics and fans an upbeat glimpse into his future.

"It's not just on Plummer's shoulders," said Rod Smith. "We have a lot of weapons and we are going to use them. Let the other guys on the team do what they get paid to do, so it keeps all the pressure off him."

Plummer can count on Clinton Portis and WRs Rod Smith, Ed McCaffrey, and Ashley Lelie to breakthrough the Bengals defense. As long as the Broncos' defense performs as expected and focuses on putting pressure on RB Corey Dillon and WRs Chad Johnson and Peter Warrick, Plummer should post his first win with the Broncos.

The Broncos are definitely ready for this new beginning and exude the confidence and motivation necessary to jump-start their season. Since the fans will be watching with a critical eye, the Broncos hope to put things into perspective for them. With the Broncos in-it-to-win-it mentality, they should be able to set the tone of the season and the new era with a win.

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