Finding Broncos: Scouting Wisconsin Offensive Tackle Ryan Ramczyk

The “Finding Broncos” Scouting reports continue with one of the top offensive linemen in the 2017 Draft class. Senior Draft Analyst Erick Trickel gives you his take on Wisconsin's Ryan Ramczyk.

Ryan Ramczyk, OT, Wisconsin Badgers

Combine Measurements

Height: 6-foot-6

Weight: 310 pounds

Arms: 33-3/4"

Hands: 10-7/8

Combine Results

Bench Press (225 lbs): 25

Medical History

Hip injury




Outstanding athlete. If Ryan Ramczyk's medical situation would have allowed him to compete in the Combine drills, NFL teams expected him to be at the top for athletic measurements.

Quick out of his stance off the snap. Has good bend at his knees, mostly. Superb awareness for delayed blitzes, twists, stunts. The best moving tackle. Great use and understanding of hands.

Can reset his hands if he is forced to. Keeps himself covered for change of direction moves. Heavy initial punch. Top-end technician in this class. Uses leverage to his advantage whenever possible. Balance is great. Has clean and crisp footwork throughout the play.

Smooth and fluid movement on pull blocks or kick slides. Is scheme diverse with excellent tape in both power and zone blocking concept plays. Versatile on the line, able to play left or right, inside or out, though better suited at tackle than guard.

Outstanding football IQ and intelligence overall. Doesn’t lunge or reach for blocks. Is patient and waits until they are in range. Outstanding mirror blocker.


Arms are a little shorter than desired. Longer-armed defenders gave him issues at times in college. Will suffer from that even more at NFL level. Will miss all pre-draft workouts due to the hip surgery.

When Ramczyk is late out of his stance, he can’t recover. Needs to be more consistent with his pad level, knee bend and punch timing. Will struggle against stronger NFL defensive linemen on redirect blocks, unless he adds a lot of strength.

Kick slides, while smooth and fluid, don’t cover much ground and NFL edge rushers will take advantage of that. One year of experience at high level college play.


Ryan Ramczyk has the talent, athleticism, confidence, attitude and brains to be a long-term NFL left tackle. Despite only having one year of experience, Ramczyk shut down multiple top-level edge defenders for Wisconsin. He is a day-one starter at right tackle, and can move to left tackle in year two or three. Scheme diversity adds to his value.

It comes down to medical for Ramczyk. His hip is the big concern and is causing him to miss pre-draft workouts. Teams will want the stamp of approval from the team doctors before selecting him.

If the medicals are all good, he is without a doubt a top-two offensive linemen in this class and a first round pick, even a top-20 pick. However, if the medicals come back bad, Ramczyk could fall in the draft, even with it being as weak of a class as it is.

Fit With The Broncos

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Ramczyk's scheme diversity is what gives him tremendous value to the Denver Broncos. They are going to be using a mixture of blocking concepts under offensive coordinator Mike McCoy. They are building their blocking system as a hybrid of the two systems to put the linemen in the best place to succeed.

This is where the diversity of Ramczyk comes into play. The Broncos don’t have to worry about power or zone for him. Just give him the play and let him go do what he does.

He is an immediate plug for them at left tackle because in the AFC West, the fiercest pass rushers come off the right tackle more often. At pick 20, he wouldn’t be a reach and is one of two offensive linemen worth that selection.

Draft Grade: Top 20

Where He Goes: Top 25 (depending on medical)

Insider's Take: “One of the most athletically gifted linemen to come out in recent years. Ramczyk is a true first round prospect, who isn’t getting pushed up due to the weakness of the class, like every other lineman. He is the only day one, plug and play left-caliber tackle.”

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