Report: Suspect Who Stole Tom Brady's Super Bowl Jersey May Have Also Thieved Von Miller's Super Bowl Helmet

The FBI has zeroed in on the alleged thief of Tom Bradly's Super Bowl LI jersey.....and Von Miller's Super Bowl 50 helmet.

For the last month and a half, much has been made about Tom Brady's missing Super Bowl LI jersey. The NFL has investigated the apparent theft but they've done so with the assistance of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. 

They finally got a break in the case. The FBI has reportedly identified the thief — a member of the international media located in Mexico. Authorities found Brady's missing jersey, but that's not all. 

Denver Broncos helmet, believed to be that of star pass rusher Von Miller, from Super Bowl 50, was recovered with the two Brady jerseys, sources confirm to ESPN's Jeff Legwold. Officials currently are trying to authenticate the helmet.

The NFL released their own statement on the matter. 

"Through the cooperation of the NFL and New England Patriots' security teams, the FBI and other law enforcement authorities, the Super Bowl LI jersey worn last month by MVP Tom Brady has been recovered."

Whomever this suspects turns out to be, they learned a harsh lesson. The arm of the NFL is long. And if you make away with Tom Brady and Von Miller's Super Bowl memorabilia, you will be pursued. 

Was the motive to sell the memorabilia on the black market? Or was it a compulsive theft to round out the suspects personal collection? Either way, the hubris of this individual is immense. 

But, at the end of the day, they fought the NFL and the NFL won. 

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