Could The Broncos Get Resolution On Tony Romo This Weekend At NFL Owner's Meetings?

With the NFL Owner's Meetings on the schedule this weekend, could we finally see a resolution to Romo Watch?

After two weeks of playing hurry-up-and-wait, there is some hope, according to NFL sources, that a resolution on the Tony Romo front could come this weekend, or soon after. NFL executives will descend on Phoenix, Arizona, for the 2017 Owner's Meetings, which will bring guys like John Elway and Jerry Jones face to face.

Although Elway has been unable to comment on the Romo situation, due to the 36-year-old gunslinger being under contract in Dallas, we know from multiple sources that the Broncos were interested in pursuing him when the opening bell of free agency tolled on March 9.

Just the day before, Jerry Jones and Tony Romo agreed to the "do right rule", ostensibly shaking hands on the understanding that the 14-year veteran would be released the following day, so that he could negotiate his own path in free agency. Jones reneged on his deal, in hopes that either the Denver Broncos, or Houston Texans, would be willing to trade for Romo. Why give Romo — an established, Pro Bowl caliber veteran — up for nothing when you could potentially get something in return?

Jones may have misjudged Denver and Houston's interest as desperation, because sources from both NFL cities say that neither front office is interested in trading. But, face to face with Jones at the owner's meetings, could a guy like John Elway, who's built a reputation in the NFL as a front office closer, come around to the notion of giving up a conditional mid-round pick for Romo?

Only time will tell.

Denver still has $20.6 million in available salary cap space, so they can afford to negotiate a new deal with Romo, should a trade be explored. But if Denver is focused on the long-term picture with Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch as the franchise candidates, there's no urgency to target Romo.

However, if the Broncos want to contend for another Lombardi Trophy in 2017, Romo might be their best hope — realistically speaking. Surely, such a possibility is worth a mid-round pick. 

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