John Elway and Stephen Jones Don't Talk Romo at Owners' Meetings

The subject of Romo just never came up, Elway told Mike Klis.

In a room complete with Denver Broncos GM John Elway and Dallas Cowboys COO Stephen Jones, one would expect there to be some kind of a soon-to-be-37-year-old, football-throwing elephant in the room that was addressed sooner or later.

That would be an incorrect assumption, according to Mike Klis of 9News. Despite both Elway and Jones serving on the NFL's competition committee last week, Elway told Klis that the subject on one Tony Romo was never broached. This shouldn't really come as all that much of a surprise, as we've known all along that Elway, the ever-stubborn negotiator, has been steadfast in not wanting to trade assets for Romo and only acquire him by means of free agency.

But still, not even a word?

There's been boundless reporting and speculation as to Romo's future over the past week, from stories alleging the Broncos will not pursue Romo or that even CBS and FOX are going just as hard for Romo as the Broncos or Houston Texans are.

If you sift through all the conjecture, there's still a few crucial elements deciding Romo's fate.

First, the Cowboys have to get rid of him before June 1 or be stuck with his full cap hit.

Second, the Broncos have showed no interest in a trade, but still have some lingering cap space.

Third, the Texans, led by Tom Savage behind center, need Romo more than the Broncos do.

Then there's a number of variables. Does Romo even want to keep playing? If so, where does he prefer to go? And will the Cowboys sweat out the Texans, finally starting up trade talks?

We really don't know at this point, but there's just a couple more months that this game can go on.

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