Finding Broncos: Scouting Michigan Offensive Tackle Erik Magnuson

Senior Draft Analyst Erick Trickel returns to break down an offensive tackle prospect from Michigan. Does Erik Magnuson fit the Broncos?

Erik Magnuson, Offensive Tackle, Michigan Wolverines


Height: 6-foot-6

Weight: 305 pounds

Combine: N/A

Medical History





Versatile with experience all over the line at Michigan. Good athlete. Loose with good lateral agility.

Good balance and footwork to work against stunt blitzes. Solid mirror in pass pro. Patient blocker. Doesn’t reach often. Knows his angles.


When Magnuson's official height comes in, he won’t be listed at 6-foot-6 anymore. When he gets behind or messes up early, he can't recover. Lacks power. Awful punch.

Bad balance blocker and doesn’t keep his feet under him. Doesn’t drive through blocks. Catches defenders. Stronger defensive linemen will throw him around like a doll.

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Magnuson is a scheme-limited player who lacks power to be a starter at the NFL level. He isn’t a tackle at the NFL level, but not a guard either. Value is as a reserve linemen capable of playing all five spots in a zone only scheme.

Fit With The Broncos

Magnuson can only play the zone scheme. Denver has switched out of that predominantly, and while they will have zone concepts, they will be more of a power scheme moving forward. That alone makes Magnuson a poor fit with Denver.

Draft Grade: Fifth round (zone only schemes), Seventh round (non-zone only)

Where He Goes: Sixth round

Insider's Take: Per sources, Magnuson has to hit the weight room immediately and add power if he wants to be more than a practice squad body for three years, then a journeyman for two years, then out of NFL.

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