How Will Vance Joseph Impact The Denver Broncos Draft Haul?

We've seen how John Elway worked with Denver's previous head coaches in the Draft. How can we expect Vance Joseph to impact Denver's 2017 Draft class?

Vance Joseph has coached in the NFL for 12 years. Most of that time was spent as a position coach — defensive backs — with one year as the defensive coordinator of the Miami Dolphins. In those capacities, Joseph has been involved in the Draft process. 

But 2017 will be the first year in which his opinion — and influence — will be directly involved in a team's Draft haul. As the head coach of the Denver Broncos, Joseph is enjoying the pre-draft process and is looking forward to what this year's class has to offer. 

“Absolutely I enjoy it because it’s the future of the league," Joseph said Monday from the NFL Owners' Meetings. "You can’t draft them all, but over time you’re going to see each player play and they become free agents three, four years down the road.” Although Joseph is a former collegiate quarterback, his focus in the NFL has been on defense. With a new coaching staff comes a new philosophy. It'll be interesting to see how Joseph's influence impacts GM John Elway's selections. 

With such a deep defensive class at each level — D-line, linebacker, defensive back — we can expect the Broncos to partake. Elway built his Super Bowl roster around defense, and the old football adage that 'defense wins championships' still holds true. 

Now, Joseph will get the opportunity to influence the next generation of Broncos. And he's not taking it lightly. Whether the Broncos take the best player available at each selection, or the best player at a position of need, the Draft will be all about value to Joseph. 

“It’s the fans’ game, but you have to draft the best player for that slot along with need," Joseph said. "No one drafts need only. No one drafts best player only. It’s a combination of both in my opinion. If it’s a guy there that fits that value and fits a need, it’s a slam dunk. Why not? You don’t want to reach for a need in a draft because that player never gets his value and it won’t be the player’s fault. It’s your fault for draft him that high. It’s a combination of need and value in my opinion.”

The Broncos are looking to reload at a couple of positions of need, and they're always on the hunt to bolster roster depth. We saw how Elway's Draft approach worked with John Fox and Gary Kubiak.

How that chemistry works with Vance Joseph will determine the future of the Denver Broncos. 

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