The Dallas Cowboys are Allowing Teams to Meet with QB Tony Romo

The door is open for the other 31 teams to contact Tony Romo.

The 2017 Tony Romo hostage situation appears to be reaching its resolution. Dallas Cowboys owner and GM Jerry Jones, who has played the will-he-won't-he game with his quarterback since the start of Free Agency, is making the first move.

According to NFL Media's Mike Garafolo, Jones informed the other 31 general managers that Romo is now fair game. The rest of the NFL is now able to contact Romo to set up a meeting with the veteran passer without a tampering charge.

Garafolo added that interested teams are not, however, allowed to discuss a new contract with Romo, but rather his current contract that extends until 2019, which would lend itself to a trade as opposed to a release.

The most crucial part of this is that teams can now assess Romo's health before proposing a trade with the Cowboys, injury concerns being one of the primary hang-ups in the Romo discussion.

Still, this doesn't necessarily mean that teams will bite at the line Jones is casting across the league. They haven't up to this point, and the newfound access won't necessarily make a trade any more of an appealing option.

But if there's no market out there for Romo, who will turn 37 years old 18 days from now, there's no reason for a trade. Jones (hopefully) isn't too stubborn to eat Romo's contract after the June 1 deadline, so he'll need to either trade him or cut ties in the next two months. As for the Denver Broncos, it's all speculation at this point. They haven't indicated any interest in Romo, and have publicly backed their two young quarterbacks, but actions speak louder than words in the NFL. If they bring him in for even a physical, it erases the last few months of non-interest from Dove Valley.

The other team to keep an eye on is the Houston TexansBill O'Brien should know in his fourth year as a head coach that a quarterback depth chart consisting of Tom Savage and Brandon Weeden is no way to pursue a championship.

By jettisoning Brock Osweiler, they showed their hand and made it clear they're in the market for a quarterback. Whether that's Romo or someone who will be available at the end of the first round like Pat Mahomes, we don't know.

Although something tells me the Texans, with their roster, won't opt for a rookie over a proven veteran.

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