Too early for scrutiny

With standards at a maximum, scrutiny is bound to surface, but Plummer knows how to handle the heated debate.

Denver, Colorado - The Broncos marched off the field in Cincinnati with their first win of the season after dominating the Bengals both offensively and defensively, leaving them no other choice but to go home disappointed once again. The Broncos as a team, played very well, but the season opener was less than perfect for the Broncos new quarterback, Jake Plummer.

Although Jake left Cincinnati with his first Broncos victory, he also went home with a few blemishes on his new record. Jake Plummer left Cincinnati with zero touchdown passes and three interceptions, which is not the way Bronco fans hoped to see Plummer launch the season.

In the City of Elway, Bronco fans reminisce of the good ol' days when John Elway became a living legend, bringing home two consecutive Super Bowls. As fans remain anticipated for another legend to emerge, they wait impatiently to see who will be the next to lead them to another Super Bowl Championship.

With standards at a maximum, scrutiny is bound to surface and Plummer knows how to handle the talk. "I don't think Plummer is really concerned with what people think," said Mike Shanahan. "He believes in himself and he is going to go out there and compete. I think he has a lot of the same attitude as John Elway had."

Plummer's performance Sunday against the Bengals showed he needs to improve and become more consistent, but the Broncos have nothing but faith in their new quarterback.

"We won 30-10," explained Shanahan. "You don't worry about the individual mistakes right now. You go on to the next game. Jake's major concern is how he is going to improve and make plays in games to come. He knows he made some mistakes and would like to have those mistakes back, but that is part of football."

Since the Broncos had such an impressive start to the season and so much is yet to be seen of Jake Plummer, many wait in anticipation for upcoming games. Although Plummer's debut left fans wondering what to expect of him in the future, it won't be enough to make them surrender their hopes of him being the key to building another championship team at Mile High.

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