Vance Joseph Says The Denver Broncos Have Their Eye On A 'Couple' Offensive Tackle Prospects

Vance Joseph dropped some possible bread crumbs on the trail of Denver's NFL Draft plans.

Perhaps you could chalk up Vance Joseph's remarks to his relative inexperience in front of a media room full of reporters, or, maybe it's a case of old-fashioned misdirection. 

On Monday, as the Denver Broncos convened at Dove Valley for the beginning of their offseason training program, Joseph was asked specifically about which offensive tackle prospects his team believes could start immediately at left tackle. "I'm not going to share that with you," Joseph said, "but I think there are a couple guys we've been studying that can help us." 

When pressed for specific names, Joseph pled the fifth. 

"I'm not going to tell you who they are [laughing]," Joseph said. 

While we can't be absolutely sure which tackle prospects Joseph alluded to, our Erick Trickel reported last week that Denver's top-rated offensive lineman is Utah's Garett Bolles. That information was gleaned from a league source, and was picked up and reported by some national media on Monday.

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We reported that if he's still on the board at pick 20 in the first round, Bolles will be Denver's selection. The Broncos have already met with Bolles at the Combine. And it wasn't too long ago that Vance Joseph himself said that Utah had the best O-line in college football last year, an indirect compliment to Bolles

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The Broncos could choose to bring Bolles in for a visit at the team facility but don't count on it. Utah's version of The Blind Side is widely viewed as a round-one caliber tackle, and he would certainly fit the "bully" mold of what the Broncos are looking for on their re-tooled O-line. 

Many scouts and draftniks view Wisconsin's Ryan Ramczyk as the most pro-ready of the tackle prospects this year. Ramczyk is known as a technician but there are concerns about his durability and functional strength. 

Ramczyk is still recovering from offseason hip surgery, which has prevented him from participating in the traditional pre-draft workouts, including the Combine. Teams still aren't sure about him, which could see him drop to the late first or early second round. 

Alabama's Cam Robinson is another prospect considered to be round-one caliber, although he is somewhat polarizing in the scouting community. The Broncos are interested in him, we know, because they're bringing him in for a visit on Wednesday. 

Could Robinson's visit be a smokescreen? Sure. But if we pay heed to Occam's Razor, we understand that the simplest explanation is usually the right one. So, going back to Vance Joseph's remarks, which "couple" of tackles have the Broncos been studying? 

The answer, in this humble writer's opinion, is Garett Bolles and Cam Robinson. 

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