Report: Denver Broncos Talking With Cleveland Browns About Trading Down

Could the Broncos be looking to trade down from pick 20?

Leading up to the NFL Draft, speculation runs rampant. Teams are scheduling visits with prospects, as they work to get their Draft Big Boards ready for the big day. 

It's also the time of year NFL GMs send out smoke signals, trying to muddy the water and keep opposing teams guessing on Draft Day. Out of this kind of football espionage comes the latest report on what the Denver Broncos could be planning to do on April 27. 

According to NFL Draft scout Chad Forbes, the Broncos have been in talks with the Cleveland Browns about trading back from pick 20 in the first round.

Forbes' report implies not just a single conversation between Denver and Cleveland about the possibility of trading back, but multiple talks. It could be a conversation still open today. 

The Browns currently hold the No. 33 pick — first in the second round — but moving up those 13 spots would likely cost a pretty penny. Zack Kelberman of 247/CBS Sports broke down the value, to give us an understanding of what Denver could come away with if such a scenario occurred.

Based on the league's Draft value chart, the No. 20 pick is worth 850 points and the No. 33 pick 580 points. The Browns would have to make up 270 points, thus shipping away their third-rounder (No. 65; 265 points) and a late-round selection.

So, in this scenario, Denver would lose it's first round pick, but ends up with two second round selections, and an additional third-rounder, giving them a total of 12 picks. That would give them five picks in rounds two and three.  Denver would also get a late-round selection. But a trade of this magnitude would certainly give GM John Elway the draft capital to reload the roster. And Denver has the cap space to handle a large draft class. 

But the Broncos would have to be confident that they could get one of their highest-rated prospects at pick 33. If they have their eye on one of the top offensive tackles in this class, or an electric playmaker like Christian McCaffrey, this trade scenario would almost certainly put them out of position to secure them. 

However, Elway has a track record of trading out of the first round. The Broncos did so in the 2012 draft, coming away with defensive end Derek Wolfe with their first pick in the second round. 


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