Finding Broncos: Scouting Troy Offensive Tackle Antonio Garcia

Erick Trickel breaks down an offensive tackle prospect whom the Broncos have visited with.

Antonio Garcia, Offensive Tackle, Troy Trojans

Combine Measurements 

Height: 6-foot-6

Weight: 302 pounds

Arms: 33-3/8 inches

Hands -9-? inches

Combine Results 

40-Yard Dash: 5.15 seconds

Bench Press (225 lb): 24 reps

Vertical Jump: 31 inches

Broad Jump: 108 inches

3-Cone Drill: 7.98 seconds

20-Yard Shuttle: 4.94 seconds


Knee injury.




Top-notch athlete. Keeps battling to anchor if he can’t right away. Great at mirroring pass rushers. Excellent quickness laterally off the snap. Great footwork.

Works to keep blocks engaged. Easily redirects to chase rushers after change of direction moves. Rare to be beaten by speed around the edge. Slides feet in his pass protection arc.

Loose hips. Uses his length really well.


Frame needs bulked up. Looks light and thin — bigger. stronger defenders can bully him. Lower body strength doesn’t seem to exist. Plays with his pads too high. No bend in his lower body. Lunges when in panic mode.

Opens outside hip and doesn’t stay squared up. Footwork and angles need to be more consistent when asked to reach block. Ill-timed punch. Weight?

Reportedly has played games under 270 pounds and over 310 pounds. Grabs and gets called for holding often when countering bull-rushes because he doesn’t have the strength to deal with it.



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Antonio Garcia has a lot of upside and a high ceiling, but he has a lot that needs work and a really low floor. His boom-or-bust potential is one of the highest in the draft, and the issues over his weight could be what sees him fall.

Teams don’t want their offensive tackle, who is primarily a left tackle in the NFL, to have the issues with maintaining and adding weight that Garcia does. He would have to be on a strict diet set by the team.

Fit With The Broncos

Garcia has no strength or power right now and relies on his athleticism to win. Denver could work that in, but with them going to a power scheme his fit is poor. Just not the best option for Denver, unless they get desperate in the third round and he is still there.

Draft Grade: Round 3 (early)

Where He Goes: Round 3

Insider's Take: Per sources, Garcia's weight is the biggest concerns for teams. Last season, there was a three-week span where his play weight was 289, 272 and 263. He was facing defenders bigger than him and it showed.

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