Denver Broncos Schedule Breakdown: Part 2

Will Keys goes game-by-game to break down the second half of the Denver Broncos 2017 schedule.

Welcome to the second installment of the Denver Broncos schedule breakdown. For the first eight weeks of the schedule, check out Part One.

If for whatever reason you're planning to be in a coma until November and only care about the last nine weeks, don't go anywhere, I've got you covered.

Week 9: Denver Broncos at Philadelphia Eagles Nov. 5 11:00a CBS

The first time the Broncos have been to Philly since 2009, a 30-27 loss in which Brandon Stokley was ejected for lightly grazing an official.

There's not a ton of history between these two teams, so the intrigue for this one will mostly come from the postseason implications. Right around November, the race for the playoffs starts to heat up and the haves start to separate themselves from the have-nots.

Will Carson Wentz and the Eagles find themselves in the first group? Probably not unless they can find a couple more guys at the skill positions in the draft Thursday.

This also marks the end of the dreaded three-game road trip for the Broncos. From L.A., to K.C., to Philly and back to Denver to host the...

Week 10: Denver Broncos vs. New England Patriots Nov. 12 6:30p NBC

Oh great. Nothing like coming home to find the Bill Belichick and Tom Brady cozied up in your stadium, fresh off of a bye week, after three weeks out of town. Gag.

At least we have the Al Michaels in Denver streak to hold on to (see Part One). No one has forgotten the last time the Broncos and Patriots met on Sunday Night Football. Brock on.

The defending champions were held to just 16 points last season when they came to Mile High, but the Denver offense only mustered three points of their own in a frustrating loss. No two ways around it, they need to figure out how to finish drives against teams like the Pats. Can Trevor Siemian or Paxton Lynch go toe-to-toe with Brady?

Week 11: Denver Broncos vs. Cincinnati Bengals Nov. 19 2:25p CBS

There's really no time to breathe with this schedule, is there? 

After missing the playoffs for the first time with 2010 (as was the case with the Broncos), Cincinnati fell back to mediocrity with a 6-9-1 record in 2016. One of the big keys to them rebounding this year is their ability to maintain the same level of play on their offensive line after losing both Andrew Whitworth and Kevin Zeitler.

And by losing, I mean not paying them, because they're the Bengals and Mike Brown's checkbook is more harder to open than the Chamber of Secrets.

It seems these teams play just about every year, and every year it's close. Last time they met in Cincy, Siemian tossed four touchdowns to pull away for a late victory. If the Broncos can repeat that performances, that'll be seven wins in the last eight games against the Bengals.

Week 12: Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders Nov. 26 2:25p CBS

The second of the series between the two rivals. This is scheduled to be the second-to-last the Broncos will ever play at the Oakland Coliseum, but you never know what the Raiders could do between then and the time they move into their new desert home, so if you live on the west coast, go buy some tickets and endure the urine-on-concrete smell of the Coliseum while there's still time.

And if this game has any type of relevance in the AFC playoff race, there's always a chance it could be flexed into the Sunday-night slot.

Last year, the Broncos got bullied on the ground in Oakland, but hopefully the additions of Domata Peko and Zach Kerr will give Denver a little more push on the line of scrimmage. And let's cross our fingers it's not Marshawn Lynch carrying the football.

Week 13: Denver Broncos at Miami Dolphins Dec. 2 11:00a CBS

I'll let Vance Joseph, Miami's defensive coordinator last year, break this one down:

“It’s just business for me," Joseph said. "My first thought: it was December 3, so the weather won’t be a factor. If you play there in September, even October, it’s so warm for your football team and it’s a disadvantage. But, being December 3, I’m OK with it. It’s going to be a business trip for me.” Hopefully, Joseph is in the business of beating up Ryan Tannehill and the offense he saw in practice every day last year (and brother, business is a-boomin'). Not to mention, this is also the second time the Broncos will face former OC Adam Gase, and the first since he became Miami's head coach. Gase has turned the Dolphins into a solid outfit, so the Broncos will probably have their work cut out for them.

And let's hope they're good, too, because who really wants to see New England cakewalk to another AFC East crown? Certainly not I. 

Week 14 : Denver Broncos vs. New York Jets Dec. 9 2:05p CBS

This game is, at least for the moment, the only real gimme for the Broncos in 2017. And even then, you just never know.

We don't know who will be playing quarterback for the Broncos in this game, but we have even less idea about the Jets signal caller. It could really be anyone from Josh McCown to Deshaun Watson.

The Broncos have only seen the Jets twice since 2011, winning both games. You can never count out anyone in the NFL, but if you could, the Jets would be looking an awful lot like that team in 2017. It'll also be interesting to see if Sheldon Richardson and Eric Decker are Jets still after this weekend.

Week 15: Denver Broncos at Indianapolis Colts Dec. 14 6:25p NFL

Ah, the Broncos only Thursday nighter of the year. And it's COLOR RUSH. So if you like seeing a team full of traffic cones playing football against the Indianapolis Blue Man Group, it's your lucky day.

No matter what, Andrew Luck always gives the Broncos a hard time. Aqib Talib and Von Miller got the better of him last year, but he always converts some ridiculous third-and-57 against the Broncos, without fail. The Broncos haven't beaten the Colts in their dome since December of 2004, so it would be nice to break that 13-year curse eventually.

Week 16: Denver Broncos at Washington Redskins Dec. 24 11:00a CBS

It was nice of the schedule makers to put this game in the morning slot so you can still have time to frantically come up with some terrible last-minute Christmas present before all the stores close.

Kirk Cousins is somehow not a 49er yet, but two of his premier pass-catchers have already left town. Like Philly, the Broncos haven't visited our nation's capital since 200-- oh that's right, they were there last year after winning the Super Bowl. No big deal.

Denver has always had trouble with tight ends, but if they can keep tabs on the speedy Jordan Reed, they should be in good shape on defense. Will the Broncos pick up Reed-facsimile Evan Engram in the draft?

Week 17: Denver Broncos vs. Kansas City Chiefs Dec. 31 2:05 CBS

It's New Year's Eve, so if the Broncos miss the playoffs for the second straight year, you can pretend it never happened immediately afterwards.

It sounds like the Chiefs have been growing a bit restless with the quarterback purgatory that is Alex Smith, so it'll be worth seeing if they invest in a prospect in the draft, and if so, whether or not he'll have the job by this game. Davis Webb perhaps? He comes to mind as the anti-Alex Smith because he can do nothing except throw deep.

The Broncos would love this final game to have a little more significance than last year's. I also doubt Vance Joseph announces his retirement before this game. 

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