Finding Broncos: Scouting West Virginia Center Tyler Orlosky

Erick Trickel scouts what some drafniks consider to be one of the top centers in the 2017 NFL Draft class. Does Tyler Orlosky make sense for the Broncos?

Tyler Orlosky, Center, West Virginia Mountaineers

Combine Measurements 

Height: 6-foot-3

Weight: 298 pounds

Arms: 32-¼ inches

Hands: 9-¾ inches

Combine Results 

Bench Press (225 lbs): 24 reps






Experienced leader. Has the mental aspect of the game down and attitude. Great upper body strength. Mean on the field. Doesn’t waste motion and controls his movements.

Maintains his balance through contact. Has good, quick, compact punch. Excellent hands. His hand usage run blocking is tremendous. Clamp hands that stay latched onto defenders. Has enough power to redirect defenders out of the way.


Slow lower body with stiff hips. Footwork is a mess. Not enough power in his legs to really drive blocks downfield. Inconsistent at driving his feet through his blocks. Short arms and shows when taking on longer defenders.

Doesn’t anticipate well enough. Doesn’t react quickly. Struggles against twists and spins due to poor length. Delayed blitzes give him issues due to poor awareness.



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Tyler Orlosky is a middle of the road center. Has enough to like that can see him placed as a center, and enough to dislike that keeps him as a backup. Will need coaching and work, as with all prospects, but some of his bigger shortcomings are due to his lack of length.

He's a center only at the NFL level, despite having college guard experience.

Fit With The Broncos

Orlosky is a mid/late round option for the Denver Broncos to consider to be their backup center. He has enough to be a spot starter, which is all they’re looking for as a just in case for Matt Paradis. Scheme-wise, he fits, and attitude wise he brings the attitude Denver is looking for. Mean and nasty.

Draft Grade: Round 4

Where He Goes: Round 3

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