Possible Undrafted Free Agents The Denver Broncos Should Target Post-Draft

The Draft comes first, but what about the hundreds of NFL-caliber prospects who don't hear their name called on Draft Day? Erick Trickel reveals the players the Broncos should target.

The undrafted free agent class is always part of the NFL Draft process. Which players will and won't get drafted are nearly impossible to predict because there are 253 selections, and players only need one team to decide he is worth the chance.

So, these names don't represent a prediction. Rather, these are players Denver should target if they don't hear their names called on Draft Day.


Sefo Liufau, Trevor KnightMitch Leidner

It is a really weak quarterbacks class, so don’t expect much from the guys picked up as undrafted free agents. Adding a vet to be the No. 3 quarterback position might be better for Denver, but if they go with a rookie these three would be decent options.

They all have their fair share of issues, but are tough guys with some potential. A rookie No. 3 QB is probably landing on the practice squad and options are slim. Liufau is the local guy, and looks to have the most upside, if you can get his mechanics fixed. He also has the strongest arm of the three. The other two have weaker arms and not as much upside.

Running Backs

Joe Williams, Jahad Thomas, Dalton CrossanStanley Williams

Looking for playmakers at running back is a good thing to do this year. In my final mock, I had the Broncos taking Carlos Henderson, who is a playmaker. After the draft they could look to add Joe Williams, Stanley Williams and Jahad Thomas who all have that playmaker ability as a running back and as a return man.

They would mainly come in and compete for special teams and their best path to the roster would be as a returner. Crossan is a wide receiver/running back tweener. Some skill to play both, but not much in the skills you want. He has excellent hands, and could be a receiving threat at receiver or running back.

Wide Receiver

Bug Howard, Billy Brown, Jerome Lane, Austin CarrMichael Rector

Continuing to look at depth at receiver and there are going to be a lot of options after the draft. Howard has the size to be a possession receiver that would come in and compete mainly with Bennie Fowler.

http://www.scout.com/nfl/broncos/story/1773877-7-round-best-case-scenari... Billy Brown is a project that may be best suited as a tight end, but has high upside. Austin Carr is very Wes Welker-like and is a slot only receiver. He played at Northwestern with Trevor Siemian, though only briefly.

Rector gives Denver a deep threat whenever he is on the field. Lane is another potential tight end guy, but he can be just fine at receiver.

Tight End

Scott Orndoff, Pharaoh Brown, Phazahn Odom

There is a good chance Orndoff is drafted, but if not, he is an inline tight end that offers receiving ability. Pharaoh Brown has potential, and would be drafted high, except for the leg injury he suffered in 2014, which still seems to be affecting him.

If a team can get Brown back to form, they could come away with a steal. Odom is a small school guy who is long and athletic, but a raw football player.

With his size and athleticism, he is worth a shot as a undrafted free agent. Put him on the practice squad for a while and coach him up.

Offensive Line

Javarius Leamon, Victor Salako, Max RichZack Johnson, , Nate Theaker, Cam Keizur

A weak offensive line class will leave limited players as undrafted options. Leamon (6’7”, 332lbs), Salako (6’6”, 335lbs) and Rich (6’8”, 315lbs) have the size that catches your eyes right away.

All three have right tackle potential, but Leamon and Salako project better as guards. Keizur is a big, strong center that can compete for a backup spot.

Theaker is a multi-year project that may never work out, but his flashes make you want to give him a shot. Johnson, who has the best chance of being draft of this group, is a mauler and has starter potential at guard in a power scheme.

Defensive Line

Collin Bevins, Grover Stewart, Jason Carr, Josh Tupou, Josh Augusta, Joey IvieB.J. Singleton

Denver picked up a lot of talent on the defensive line in the mock draft with Jarrett, Coward, and Wormley, then Kerr and Peko in free agency. That shouldn’t stop them from picking up potential guys as undrafted free agents.

Bevins and Stewart are two small school guys that really look like they can play with the big boys. Tupou could be drafted, but off-field concerns could see him fall.

Augusta, Carr, Ivie and Singleton all have a good amount of potential. Even though the Broncos picked Jarrett and Coward in my mock draft, these undrafted guys will make them fight for it.

Rush Linebacker

Garrett Sickels, Pita Taumoepenu, Ken EkanemJimmie Gilbert

Three pass rushers who are all limited. Medicals with Mathis (see mock draft) are a concern, so picking up some additional pass rush help to compete at the bottom of the depth chart would be wise.

Over the last couple of years, the Broncos have found themselves a surprise at rush linebacker and all three of these guys offer enough as a pass rusher that could see them drafted. Gilbert is a long and athletic linebacker, but strength is a serious concern. His 12 bench reps didn’t help, but he offers enough athletically to get a shot.

Inside Linebacker

Brandon BellRichie Brown

Bell should be drafted. If not for medical concerns, he likely goes in the third round. Brown is a cover guy that gives Denver some more depth behind Brandon Marshall and someone who can compete with Corey Nelson.


Jeremy Cutrer, Jack Tocho, Brian Allen, Ryan LewisDes Lawrence

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Denver took a smaller corner in my mock with Damontae Kazee, so I'm looking at some size for depth purposes with undrafted free agents. Cutrer is 6’2”, Tocho is 6’0”, Allen is 6’3”, Lawrence is 6’1”, and Lewis is 6’0”.

Cutrer has the height, length and athleticism but everything else is average or poor. He won’t be ready for a year or two, and maybe never ready. Tocho is actually pretty NFL ready with experience, but he lacks long speed and is limited with coverage scheme, though he fits Denver’s well.

Allen likely gets drafted because of his size, but being a long-term project could scare teams off. Lewis is a gifted athlete and looks like an NFL corner, but is as raw as they come.

Lawrence has a solid skill-set, but is scheme limited and works best in zone coverage with the play happening in front of him. Is a liability deep.


Weston Steelhammer

This guy will end up as a Hall of Fame player. With the last name Steelhammer, how could he not? Joking aside, Steelhammer provides immediate special teams help but is limited on defense.

He has a nose for the ball and works well in coverage. So, for a team who uses an extra safety in obvious passing situations, Steelhammer makes a lot of sense for now and down the road.

Erick Trickel is the Senior Draft Analyst for Mile High Huddle. You can find him on Twitter @ErickTrickel.

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