Denver Broncos Assign Numbers to 2017 Draft Picks

A whole new set of rookies and a whole new set of jersey numbers.

Get ready to stock up on another round of jerseys.

The Denver Broncos 2017 draft class has been assigned their numbers, per their official twitter account.

Here's the list with a little analysis:

Garett Bolles-72

The first-round pick usually gets their pick of the litter, and Bolles was able to keep his number from Utah. A pretty good-looking number for a left tackle.

DeMarcus Walker-57

Fitting that the next Broncos pass rusher gets the number between Shane Ray and Von Miller.

Carlos Henderson-11

A very fast-looking number for a fast wide receiver, and it's the closest thing to the jersey number he wore in college, 1. I'm sure plenty of fans will be happy to see someone other than Jordan Norwood wearing 11.

Brendan Langley-27

There's a lot of responsibility that comes with 27, which Darrent Williams wore in his two years with the Broncos.

Jake Butt-80

A good round number for Butt. Very fitting. Also, between Mark Jackson, Rod Smith, and Julius Thomas, a very productive number for the Broncos.

Isaiah McKenzie-5

This will just end up being a placeholder for McKenzie, since wide receivers aren't allowed to wear single-digit numbers in the NFL. Perhaps 14 or his college number, 16, will be available at the end of camp.

Deangelo Henderson-33

I like it. Henderson wore 31 in college, but 33 is a much more visually pleasing, balanced-looking number. Tony Dorsett, anyone?

Chad Kelly-6

Okay this is a head-scratching choice for young Swag Kelly. My guess is he tried to pry 11, which he wore at Clemson and junior college in Scooba, away from Henderson and was unsuccessful. Of course, the last three quarterbacks to wear six with the Broncos were Mark SanchezBrock Osweiler, and the recently-retired Jay Cutler.

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